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June 23rd, 2010

[Jun. 23rd, 2010|03:47 pm]


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Quidditch World Cup Rosters and Schedules Announced
Stenton Fenley

On Sunday, the Quidditch World Cup rosters were released to the teams, and now that all members have been informed, we can release them to you! Holyhead duo Angelina Johnson and Katie Bell will be leading the England chasers along with Falmouth standout Blaise Zambini, while Cho Chang heads the Seeker position. The Irish lineup, which has become that of a household name in the past years, are all back for their third World Cup together. And Puddlemere captain Oliver Wood will be manning the rings for Scotland.

Here's the full breakdown of the UK Teams. You can find all of the team rosters on page 3C.

England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales )

Along with the rosters, the World Cup commitee has given us a copy of the schedule of matches! World Cup commitee head Kyle Jugson says that this is a very important Cup to help bring the Wizarding UK back to the financial forefront. "All preliminary matches will be held in the various professional stadiums of the British/Irish league, with the semi finals and final matches being played in a newly constructed stadium in the valleys of South Wales. The last time the UK hosted a World Cup, it ended in disaster. This time, we hope to end it in peace."

Tickets for the cup have been on sale for a few weeks, but this is the first time that fans get to see who exactly is playing the matches.

Schedule and Dates of the World Cup matches )

(*ooc note: bette asked me to post this cause she's still having computer issues. yes, i know, there's some teams playing back to back in some matches. but there's a few days gap in between. i'll post up something in the ooc about which teams play at what stadium so everyone is on the same page.*)
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