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May 22nd, 2010

Lee's Radio Show!!! [May. 22nd, 2010|12:03 am]
The final song from the previous hour had ended. The next thing heard on the Wizarding Wireless Network was the intro of "Black Magic Woman." Except it wasn't Fleetwood Mac. Or Carlos Santana. It was the Weird Sisters, and anyone listening would be able to recognize the smooth guitar playing of Kirley Duke. The intro played for a moment, then listeners heard an all too familiar voice for that time of day.

"It's three o'clock and you know what that means mates. It's time for five hours of nothing but the smooth beats and rock sounds of your favorite decades. You're kickin' it with your main man, DJ Jordan, right here on the Wizarding Wireless network."

The song continues to play softly in the background while Lee continued to speak. "Now normally you all know that there's a No Wizarding Music rule on this program. However, today is a special day. As I'm sure all of you listening know - and if you don't you've been living under a rock - the Weird Sisters recently released a new album. So in celebration of the album going DOUBLE PLATINUM WANDS today, we're going to be spinnin' the whole thing for you fans. Especially all you cats at Hogwarts. I know times are a little rough right now, so hopefully this will all bring smiles to your faces! Once we're done with the album, I'll be taking nothing but requests. We'll also be taking all of your owls and floos, and we may even talk to a few of the sisters. But for now, let's get into the music. Here's one of the first tracks, which is cover of a Fleetwood Mac and eventually Carlos Santana. Here's Black Magic Woman!"

The moment he finished talking, the song began. The owls started to flow in, and a few people popped up in the floor to give their thoughts and praise. After the song was done, he jumped right into "I Feel the Magic", originally done by Belinda Carlisle. He waited for the song to finish before addressing his listeners again.

"That there was "I Feel the Magic," which was originally recorded by the ever fabulous Belinda Carlisle. Incase you've joined us late, you're listening to the new Weird Sisters album here on the Wizarding Wireless Network. Now, if you haven't noticed, there's a few themes going on here with this album. Firstly, which is where it really fits in with my show, all of the songs are covers of various muggle rock bands. But there's something deeper than that. I sat down this morning with guitar player Kirley Duke about what impact this album can have on the wizarding world.

"Things in our world aren't the greatest right now," Kirley said in a prerecorded interview earlier that day. "So we wanted to do something that would ease the minds and bring happiness back to all of the witches and wizards out there that are being affected by the politics in the Ministry. All of the songs on this album are sending a message to anyone who will listen that we're all wizards. Young or old, black or white, pure or muggle. And we all need to be proud of who we are."

"Some great words spoken there, Kirley. So keep listening. Give us your thoughts on the album and maybe we'll get em' on the air!"

From there on out, Lee continued to play the songs on the album, intertwining them with thoughts and stories from listeners around the wizarding world. Most were filled with praise for the group, not only for the choice of music, but for the message it was sending. There were a few non-airable colorful comments about the Ministry which Lee tried not to read, but couldn't help but laugh and smile, knowing that most of the world were just as fed up as he was with the state of things.

(Please use the comments to have your character submit their owls and floo comments, be it for the group, the show, requests for muggle tunes later on, or their annonymous thoughts on the ministry or Hogwarts!)
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