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January 9th, 2010

[Jan. 9th, 2010|12:24 am]


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WHO: Eva Edgecombe, Penelope Clearwater, Hestia Jones
WHAT: Finding someone who was presumably dead
WHERE: St. Mungo's, Janus Thickey Ward, Fourth Floor - Spell Damage
WHEN: January 9th 1998.

Lost and Found )
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[Jan. 9th, 2010|01:52 am]


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Who: Blaise Zabini & Nikolas Vaisey
When: Saturday, 9 January, 1998
Where: Hogsmeade, Honeydukes Sweetshop
What: A random run-in while buying some delicious candies.
Rating: G or PG I would think

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[Jan. 9th, 2010|02:33 am]


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Who: Penelope Clearwater & Orsino Thruston
When: Saturday, 9 January, 1998, mid-afternoon
Where: A-Salt and Battery
What: Time for some fish n' chips and talking in public, and not anywhere near behavior-altering substances of any kind.
Rating: TBD, unlikely to be high

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[Jan. 9th, 2010|10:11 am]


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Characters: Samantha Capper and Ginny Weasley
Setting: Breakfast time on Saturday morning, in the Great Hall and outside the castle.
Summary: Sam gets an upsetting owl from home and Ginny tries to comfort her.
Rating/Warning: Mild, she doesn't even manage to curse in this one I think O.o

Sam silently watched the coffee circle her cup as she stirred cream into it, ignoring the sounds of breakfast in the Great Hall. It was too early for her to phrase any sort of grumpy comment about being awake and settled instead for slumping sleepily against Ginny. )
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[Jan. 9th, 2010|10:33 am]


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Characters: Fiona Kemp and Audrey Wadcock
Setting: Late Saturday morning in the Hufflepuff Common Room, surronding corridors and on the grounds.
Summary: Fiona can't go to Hogsmeade and Audrey keeps her company, which leads to an interesting development for them.
Rating/Warnings: G-PGish for mild girl kissage

Closing her journal, Fi looked up and watched the last of her Hogsmeade bound housemates make their noisy exit. The weather outside was nothing less than typical Scottish winter weather and everyone was bundled up in scarves, hats and cloaks. Everyone else, at least. )
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