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November 29th, 2009

[Nov. 29th, 2009|12:39 am]


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Who: Alfie & Julien
What: Ditching Hogsmeade to chat
Where: "Their" room
When: Saturday
Rating/Warning: TBA, who knows

This sickness avoids all cure,imperfection my downfall, I learn myself through symptoms )
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[Nov. 29th, 2009|05:20 am]


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Who: Padma Patil, Justin Finch-Fletchley
When: Hogsmeade Saturday.
Where: Hogsmeade
What: Date?
Rating: TBA, tame I'm sure.
Open/Closed: Closed

Padma hadn't told anyone but Parvati about Justin's owl. )
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[Nov. 29th, 2009|08:18 pm]


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Who: Katie Bell and George Weasley
When: Backdated to Saturday evening.
Where: Starting at the shop and moving to a pub somewhere?
What: Katie stops in to see the twins and finds George who is apparently in need of a drink and a good rant.
Rating: TBD
Open/Closed: Closed to them?

witty cut text )
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