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October 5th, 2009

Daily Prophet: October 5, 1997 [Oct. 5th, 2009|05:53 pm]
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Ministry Management Means A Safer Hogwarts
Betty Braithwaite

The safety of young wizards and witches is a topic of great concern to our entire community. And yet for years rumors of lax standards at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry have persisted, and gone largely unchecked. Past instances have seen students injured while attending classes, such as in Care of Magical Creatures while under the watch of Rebeus Hagrid - who continues to be listed as missing, though rumors of the giant uprising have led many to speculate that the half-giant returned to his own kind. Which raises, again, the question of hiring dark creatures to hold positions of such prominence.

And in a new and far more severe development, a student - Daphne Greengrass - was seriously injured and assaulted by the giant squid kept in Hogwarts lake. The squid was added to the school for unknown reasons by a previous Headmaster, and has, since the time of its arrival, grown to nearly three times its initial size. The squid attacked Miss Greengrass without provocation, and by all reports nearly drowned her.

Many students expressed their lack of surprise at this development. )
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