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September 30th, 2009

[Sep. 30th, 2009|09:46 pm]


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WHO: Verity and Fred
WHAT: Closing up shop, then chatting
WHERE: Diagon Alley
WHEN: Wednesday night

Propping the box on her hip, Verity unloaded another row of daydream charms and shook her hair out of her face. "I could use a drink," she called back to Fred, who was counting out the till. They'd only closed a few minutes ago, but Verity felt better already. It had just been one of those days where every minute felt like an hour and everyone seemed to be in some kind of mood.

"Or several drinks." Sealing up the box, she glanced at the section before moving towards the storeroom. "You have any plans tonight?" She made her voice nonchalant, but her heart beat a little faster at the though of going out for a drink with Fred. Who knew what would happen?

Putting the box away, she came back out and hopped onto the counter beside Fred. "How'd we do today?" She asked, eyeing the money piled up beside the register.
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