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Monday, April 28th, 2008

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    Young Pups at Hogwarts, cont
    Sirius was not in one of his better moods, even though he now had Remus by his side. He couldn't get over the fact that Remus had spent time with that abhorrent Dark Arts teacher, whom he simply could not abide. Ian fucking Todd. How he hated that name. How he hated that man. An observant bystander might have called it jealousy, but that was nothing that Sirius would have agreed with. They sat together in their dorm, James and Peter having made themselves scarce at the sight of Sirius' glower. James muttered something about hunting the elusive Lily-bird and Pete said he was hungry.

    Sirius held a book in his lap, but he wasn't reading it, and if you had asked him what subject he was studying, he would have been hard pressed to answer, since he had simply grabbed the first textbook he could lay his hands upon. But he kept sending surreptitious glances at Remus, sidelong looks. Whether to simply observe him or to make sure he was still there, was difficult to ascertain. Whichever it was, he could not seem to keep his eyes off of the other boy.

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