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[04 Sep 2008|12:56pm]
Characters: Jethro and (open for alien hunters)
Day: 2 (I can change it to day 3)
Time of Day: Late on Day 2 or real early Day 3 (nighttime)
Location: Blocks away from Jethro’s rift opening. Somewhere in Cardiff
Rating: PG
Thread status: Pending

Streets of Cardiff )
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Pete's Universe: Owen and the Doctor (with Tosh) [04 Sep 2008|05:09pm]
WHO: Owen, the human Doctor
WHERE: Torchwood
WHEN: Directly after this.
WHAT: Owen's there to investigate the alien virus, gets a surprise.

Owen was going to say goodbye to Tosh, as he normally went out of his way to do when he was leaving work, but he couldn't find her. Perhaps she was away from her desk, or in the loo, or out for a late lunch. Either way, he felt a small swell of disappointment as he gathered his medical supplies and left his desk.

It didn't take him long to find the Doctor; he hadn't officially met him yet or anything, but someone pointed him in the right direction along the way. Apart from his usual white coat, he had a pathogen-filtration mask for his own protection. It sounded like it was an airborne pathogen. Best not to take any unnecessary risks.

He knocked on a door, waiting outside it for an answer.
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A family conference [04 Sep 2008|11:36pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

WHO: Rose Tyler and Pete Tyler
WHERE: Tochwood - canary warf
WHEN: Day 2 - Evening
WHAT: Discussing options

Things were slowly spiralling out of control. In the matter of days things were crumbling into chaos as a wave of panic rippled across the planet as the virus pandemic continued to claim its victims. Torchwood had tried to get in under control but so far they had failed miserably. Quarantine was ineffective as the virus always seemed to be one step ahead of the institution. They were no closer to discovering where the virus had originated from, though it was agreed it was defiantly alien and possibly a hostile attack on the human race using bio-weaponry. Something none of them would had seen coming.

Rose, flagged by two others, walked down a silent corridor in Torchwood’s main headquarters located at Canary Warf. Upon her fathers request she had gone there immediately after returning from a crisis meeting with UNIT where Jake had been taken ill. She didn’t even knock upon arrival. She pushed open the door and her tired, brown eyes immediately located Pete behind the desk.

“Mum and Tony are alright, aren’t they?” she said, her expression taunt as she feared the worst. She hovered by the door waiting for him to respond.

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