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08:00pm 30/12/2007
  Okay :D You guys'll see this eventually XD

I'm superexcited about this comm cuz personally I haven't RP'd in like 3 years despite the fact that i was dying to x.x


Just a few things I think would be good.

1) Have a non-character account, aka a personal account, just so we can post here about stuff. That's easier than having all your characters join the comm and then using one of them to post as you. Plus then you don't have to log out and in 50 times to join one comm :D Make sense? Good.

2) Just so we all have it straight can we post the usernames of our characters? I just wanna make sure, personally, that all of my chars are friended with everyone. I have:

princedraco - draco, obv.
orlacle - Orla Quirk, 7th year ravenclaw :D
puma_mclaggen - Cormac McLaggen, 7th year Gryffy.
love_nothing - Kevin Whitby, 4th year Hufflepuffnstuff.

3) As far as "plot" goes, honestly, i say we just start RPing and see where it takes us. Personally I think we should just ignore book 7 and pick up on the first day of school 7th year. I'm down with the thought that since it's such a small RP we can pretty much do whatever without the need for rigid rules and regulations.

4) Just one more thing. Please ask the group before inviting someone else to join in, it's good manners :)

Okay that's it XD Post away.
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