May 20th, 2009

[info]lyndawithay in [info]wholight

Who: Lynda and Open
Where: around the cullen's house
What: Exploring
When: Late afternoon
Rating: TBD

Lynda had to admit it was odd living with a family of vampires, but she felt like she had a place which was the most important to her right now. The other thing she was enjoying was being able to go outside.

Part of the normally cheerful girl knew that she shouldn't go exploring alone, but the day was gorgeous and all she wanted was to find out more about the earth that she had always heard stories about, the earth that she had never had a chance to embrace. Sure she grew up on earth, but it wasn't the same, you had to wait to be told when it was safe to go outside and and no one on her earth had gardens, for no flower would survive.

As Lynda walked, enjoying the beauty, she hadn't realized that she had wandered so far from the house, and to top it off she was lost which seemed to make things a bit difficult, though she had a feeling someone would find her..that is if they even noticed she was gone.