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July 30th, 2015

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Okay, so this is all pretty fucked up, but since I haven't woken up yet, I guess I can't keep believing it's all just a really shitty dream. Lissa told me I was here before, but I really don't remember any of that, so sorry if I'm supposed to know you and don't.

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I really hate this restless feeling I have all of a sudden.


Hi. Sorry I've been a bit...out of things lately. But James said you were upset there wasn't futuristic level medical equipment here and he thought maybe I could help. Free to talk anytime soon?


The whole digging graves thing...do we have any idea what the hell that was about? I still have the creeps thinking about it.


Hey. I'm sorry I've been ignoring you. I haven't meant to. Things have just been weird lately.

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So, yeah just finally getting used to this place. Taking a bit of time to wrap my head around it.

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Watching your show is one of those things they say to not do, right?

Spoilers for this weeks PLL under cut )

June 25th, 2015

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Well this is certainly the strangest place I've been. Makes Beacon Hills look tame.
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