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August 24th, 2015

August 24th, 2015

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Today sucks. Officially. Even if there's now two Damon faces. Which is in no way a bad thing.

Hi new Damon Face. I hope you're sassy too.

[Former Dead]

Okay for real. I can't be around Light right now. Like, looking at him right now is making me wanna vom.

I don't know what it is but is anyone else feeling really like something bad's around the corner

Text to Skye

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~ Hey so did I do something to offend Simmons?
~ ...I mean specifically?
~ In the very recent past?
~ She called over for you while you were on shift, but when I told her that she ranted, called  me something I think was a Brit insult. And then stormed out.

No evil

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..Huh. My bed seems a lot more smaller now, as does the rest of the room. But I guess everything looks huge when you're a kid. So glad I'm back to my proper age again. And able to use wand magic. And apparate. And fly on my broom! I'm gonna go play some quidditch. Well, mostly flying around but I might get in a practice or two in after I have fun first.

Rose, thank you you so much for taking care of me, and thanks to Regina too. All the long week, I felt just as comfortable and safe as I was at my real home. Plus, the cookies and ice cream were a pretty good distraction for tiny me too.

Delivery for Rose and Alicia

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[Bunch of yellow roses...I will add a picture when I get home]

Card Reads:

I shouldn't have tried to eat you. I was a dick in the 70's.


[Filtered to Stefan]

So, I guess we know how to get my humanity back now.
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