War Is Coming Communications.

April 8th, 2015

War Is Coming Communications.


April 8th, 2015

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So I got that blood you asked for. Only... you're not here.

I'm hoping you just got stir-crazy and went for a walk or something? If you can let me know you're not doing anything stupid right now that'd be ace.

Raincheck on that visit? One of the new hybrids - the short angry one - is missing. And I'm probably just being paranoid, but... well, I remember being new, and hungry.

I'm sorry. Soon as I know he's not doing anything stupid, for sure.

[Sam & Ruby]
Hey. Is Dean with you?

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I'm going out tonight and celebrating my birthday, who is with me?

Oh, and the rather large bear is surprisingly good at hugs, thanks to the random birthday gift deliverer with no name.

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Creepy as hell Titans I can handle.

Dolls? What the hell is this?

{ooc per the calendar: Bo and Levifind a doll each. The dolls keep doing creepy things. Like, giggling and singing, and moving when you’re not looking. And, if thrown away or destroyed they will return to the people who found them. They will continue doing creepy things until they are reunited.]

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left on the kitchen table for Alicia before sunrise )

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( Wes )
You settling in okay?

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What's with the creepy doll?

I mean, I probably don't want to know, knowing this place, but seriously.

( Damon )
Still human, huh?

( Lexi )
Let's celebrate my ex-girlfriend's face twin's birthday by seeing how fast we can drink up all the tequila in town.

... that might be the weirdest sentence ever.
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