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February 27th, 2015

February 27th, 2015

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So, driving a car. That's not that difficult, right? Not looking at the amount of A-holes on the road these days.

No evil

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So, can I forget and succeed at not even speaking of being in love with my friend's mum Not thinking of it, not thinking not thinking Seal, I swear if that was you Disney was fun! That was great. So, I want to go out this weekend. Somewhere fun. I'm thinking... movies. Are there any good ones? I like comedies and action. Explosions, weapon shooting, and some of that karate stuff. Anyone want to go along? Bring a friend if you like.

But, as an alternative. I also got some interesting movies at home. My house in Lawrence, not my real place back in my world. I have some DVDs about those robots turning into cars, and also about the Joe military stuff. And other things with Arnold, Stallone, Van Damme, Seagal. We can have a movie watching party, with popcorn and drinks. Couch can fit five, got recliner chairs too, though I can just use magic to make the couch longer to fit more people. Magic is quite useful

No known threats or kids

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Well, that was an interesting week. I can't really explain. Just that it was unusual and involving personal stuff. I'm probably not the only one. Or maybe I am, I don't know. I hadn't felt like that since Prue Didn't think I would ever have that type of feeling again Still don't know who that weird hugging man is or what his deal was. Did anyone else also feel like th

Any updates on the Lawrence rugaru situation? Has it been taken out yet? If it is still at large, I'd like to work together in tracking it down. I've been keeping my eyes open but haven't seen anything of note yet, but still looking around. I know fire kills it and have a few things in that category to use. I don't suppose we can just trap it in a condemned building and light it all up Okay so it worked once on alien bugs and I know we can't always do that, even if it's so much fun to blow monsters up Anything I can do to help, I'm there. I can supply a few weapons and hunting supplies too. Also if anyone might want a sparring partner for combat practice, I could do that too. My name is Damien Thorn.

ETA: Rugaru threat has been handled. But if anyone wants to spar or do a gym workout thing, or needs more weapons (still have more silver arrows), let me know and we'll arrange a time for it.


So, umm.. hi. I'm Damien. But you probably know that from the above post. I live in Greaves House, friend of Kirk, I patrol sometimes, and I have a non-relative twin named Christian. So I'm just going to, as they say. Fess up. The bow, the really badass one with a scope, the silver arrows, and card. That was me. I'm still trying to figure out why, but I suppose it's another Lawrence mystery.

I understand if this was awkward, since we never spoke before and you don't know me aside from being the neighbor guy in the other building. Or from the survival classes, I'm in a lot of those. And I hadn't given gifts to anyone I didn't know, it's usually to friends, or to.. to Prue, when she was here. It's cool if you want to keep the stuff though. They can still be useful to you for defense or practice, or in case we get attacked in a big fight again.

No Known Threats

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Well, we appear to have had a large influx of people, as well as the mass exodus.

Has everyone found somewhere to stay? My name is Catherine Glass, and I'm the Manager of Greaves House. There are plenty of apartments available for anyone that needs them. Just talk to me, or James Kirk if you're interested.

There are also apartments at Sanctuary who you would need to talk to Natasha Romanaff about, I believe.

[Magic Users, Can be seen by Kirk]

A large amount of the people who laid the wards around Greaves House have been taken by the seal. Would anyone be willing to lay some more for us? We can pay you.

No Evil and Mean People

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Thanks for throwing me a surprise party, Hal. It was proper brilliant mate.

And, thanks for everyone who came. It was right nice of you all to do that, like. I had a really nice time.

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I feel the need to go drink for a while. I mean, I know Leonard Nimoy wasn't really Spock Prime, but I'm taking the news harder than I thought I would. Anyway, don't really want to drink alone tonight, so if anyone's interested we can hit a bar and drink on me. Just be forwarned that I'll probably talk about home a lot tonight.

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Huh. Creepy ass graveyard, I did not miss you. Aren't we supposed to have a welcome patrol or something?
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