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February 21st, 2015

February 21st, 2015

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It sounds like the Seal's up to its tricks again. Anyone know who all we lost this time?

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With Lois gone, I'm taking over the welcoming committee stuff. We could use a few more people, if anyone's interested, since we lost a few other people. It'd be good to have three people on each team and maybe some alternates.
Building: Skye, Seth, Cami, Mona, Myka

Team 1: Rose, Sydney, Lissa
Team 2: Faith, Kirk, Buffy, Gamora
Team 3: Jack, Alaric, Ward, Vicki
Team 4: Thea, Natasha, Ariel, Scorpius
Team 5: Giles, Oliver, Marcel, Bobbi

Monday: Team 1
Tuesday: Team 2
Wednesday: Team 3
Thursday: Team 4
Friday: Team 5
Saturday: alternate weekends (Team 1,2,3)
Sunday: alternate weekends (Team 4,5)

Filtered away from Evil and Steve Rogers

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I don't know what to do...my father yet probably not my exact father is here again and I don't know if I should dump my existence on him again.

No Known Threats

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Bobby's gone back to Sioux Falls. So, I'm gonna be taking over organising the hunting classes and organising the hunts.

Any questions?

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Lotta new people showing up. Hopefully, you got caught by the welcome committee and given the scoop. If not, here's the drill:

You're in Lawrence, Kansas, totally different world. Beware of demons and other monsters, take the classes to find out what's what. If you don't have an amulet to keep from being possessed, you can get one from a couple of different places. Tattoos more reliable, cause it can't be ripped off. Hurts like a bitch, but talk to the Winchesters if you want one.

Lois is gone, but see this post for more info.

You need anything, lots of us have been here awhile, just ask.

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Chloe's gone, too.

( Friends & Family )
Check in, please.

( Ollie )
Have you been watching the show?

Filter to: Klaus, visible to Cami as well

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So Caroline and Henrik and Rebekah are gone and Elijah's here and it's all a bit weird, huh? how're you holding up?

Filtered to Elena

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This week's been really weird.

Were you feeling obsessed with
Why would it make me

I love you. You do know that, right?

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[Elena & Bonnie]
Hey Girls.

I just want to check in. I know Car-
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