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February 20th, 2015

February 20th, 2015

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( Grantaire )
Hey, what are you doing tonight?

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Is this another trick? I don't I find I am quite at a loss.

Any explanation I can think of for what is happening does nothing to ease my mind.

Filtered from SHIELD people

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Any hunts going. I really don't feel like being in Lawrence right now
No he'll

If he tries to lock her up I will put a damn bullet in him myself

Fuck today. Anyone want a drink?


I'm going out. I need to think before he declares me the root of all evil and calls me a psychopath again

No evil.

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Has anyone seen Caroline today?

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Are you fucking kidding me, Seal?

I really fucking hate this place sometimes


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*[OOC: I don't even know who is on this list anymore. If you think you're a friend of Regina's you probably are because she isn't turning any friendships away these days...except for Emma. She isn't quite ready for that]

Could you all check in and let me know that you're still here.

Evil is not welcome

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It seems several were returned home by the Seal while more have come through. My heart goes out to those that lost the ones they loved/cared for.

For those who have just arrived, greetings! I am Thor Odinson of Asgard!

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James tells me that I may speak to people through this device.

Well met all! I am Torunn, daughter of Thor!

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Well, I went over Lois' place today, as I was trying to get to know her and Aislinn a little better, and they seem to both be gone.

Judging from some of the posts I've seen around about people vanishing lately, and that I've apparently been here before, and have no memory of this place, I'm guessing that this sort of thing happens a lot.

But yeah. I thought I'd let people know, just in case anyone hadn't seen them lately and was wondering why.

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Well, at least it's still the same century.

Captain Steve Rogers. I have a feeling the old 'I was in the middle of something important I'd like to get back to' line isn't enough to land me back where I came from but if anyone's willing to humor me I would really appreciate it.
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