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February 13th, 2015

February 13th, 2015

Filtered from bad things.

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I don't appreciate being pursued by nude, overly enthusiastic men who are incapable of respecting my personal space. Touching or hugging in any way is something that should require a persons consent, especially if you're doing it without your clothes on.

I noticed a few others have had this same issue. Did you all do anything to get him to stop? No matter how many times I tazed him drove him away, he still kept trying to get his arms around me. And by the time I'd finally gotten him to back off, I couldn't tell if he was suffering from the pepper spray in his eyes or if he was actually sobbing because I wouldn't let him hug me.

I almost felt
I wonder if

I thought he was trying to attack or pull some sort of foolish prank on me at first, but...does anyone know who he was? What if he has a condition?

[No Threats]

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Is this really a thing here, If so this place is going up in my estimations...

I just got the naked hugagram and now I'm getting tempted to strip and go around hugging people too, anyone want to be my victim?

Seriously though anyone any idea what is with this guy?

Filtered against evil bitches!

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We can cross being hugged by a very, very strange naked dude off my bucket list.

You know, if it was ever on there to begin with.

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No. No this won't d at all. I have dealt with a lot in this world and I believe if I had to pay for the crimes of the Hyde to my Dr Jekyll I have done so many times over. I did not expect before my first coffee of the day to be accosted by a naked man who proceeded to hug me and tell me I was beautiful in my own way.

I did not enjoy it.

I did not then expect to be gifted anonymously with beer. I have never drunk beer. I likely never will drink beer and while I appreciate the heart shaped pie and actually, I do rather approve of the gun. I do not like finding gifts without a name. I used to do that to people. They usually wound up quite dead.

This has been a really very trying day and Alex has NOT helped by laughing at me through the experience

No evil

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Hey, I got some arrows. At least five quivers full. So altogether about 60-85 arrows. And even better? They're all silver tipped. Took a day to get that but worth it Figured it'd be good for hunts since silver is a common weakness of monsters. And good for regular defense too outside of hunting. So any archers, if you want them? Say the word and I'll give them over asap, all free for whoever may want it. Maybe Daryl, or Allison, yeah she could use more sets or arrows I could always get more too. I admit I had practiced with some before getting the quivers together.

[Friends and allies]
There's someone that I can't stop thinking about. It's a girl who excels at kicking ass with bows and arrows. And knives. And maybe swords. She looks nice too, of course, but there is more to people than just looks. It does help but it takes more to be memorable and everlasting in the minds of their peers and But the fighting skill and tenacity, can't help but be impressed at that too. It's strange. I never spoke to her before but I'm thinking of her a lot lately.

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If anyone naked tries to hug me and it's not Finnick coming back, or Johanna, I will stab them. Just so you know.

Why do the stores have so many heart-shaped things?

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So Adam mentioned I'd been here before and some people might know me?

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[Filtered to Marvel + Friends]
Since Monday is Nik's birthday, we're having a small party for him Sunday. It's How to Train Your Dragon themed, and will be at the warehouse at 2pm.

Lois, I know he'd like it if Aislinn could be there.

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Well I was just about to head home from my shop and I got hit by the most unpleasant hugging experience, so I think I'm going to head somewhere for a stiff drink instead.

Anyone heading to Bed of Roses tonight that fancy's joining me?

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We're sure the naked guy running around hugging people isn't Tony Stark, right? That's happened on occasion.

Harry Potter People

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So I was wondering something. I know a lot about the characters in the books and movies in Harry's time, but could you tell me more about the next generation? More specifically Scorpius.

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Okay. I'd like to go to Henrik's party too. So, is there any objections to changing the Disneyland trip to the 22nd?
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