War Is Coming Communications.

February 6th, 2015

War Is Coming Communications.


February 6th, 2015

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If I wasn't so used to this by now, I would be more surprised when it comes to suddenly appearing in a new place.

Has anyone seen a blue police No, stop getting your hopes up

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Someone want to explain why I'm not in my garage at the moment? I tend to stay out of graveyards on purpose.

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The tried and tested definition of insanity, is doing the same thing over and over again whilst expecting different results. But that's not what insanity is. I call that practice. Repeat, repeat, repeat and you will only get better. Keep moving. Even if it's in circles, just -- keep moving.

So I guess, in the face of lost friends and loved ones. In the face of sadness and despair. Just keep moving.

Insanity is stagnation. Insanity is standing in one spot and expecting the environment around you to change. Insanity isn't doing the same thing; it's doing nothing.

But [...] what would I know about madness?


[OOC: So this morning, Regina would find the following left on the first floor of her home, just outside the cellar door. There's no note. But I suppose there doesn't really need to be, does there?

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Alright, me and Eva are back.


Thanks for that. I needed the company, and I would have worried that I'd have hurt Cami.


I'm sorry I left you there alone. Are you alright?

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[backdated to before Stefan's arrival aka before Damon and Lexi's text/post]

-- Bekah's back, guys
-- She doesn't remember anything, but she's here

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I suppose now that I'm settled in I should say something? Though the only thing I can think of is Kansas? Seriously? Is it really too much to ask for a beach?

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THERE IS A STEFAN. Okay so he doesn't remember before. But he's here!

I needed this today.

And yes Damon. You can come in. This once. You are not however allowed at the bar when I'm at the bar. Or I'll punch you. And laugh.

Texts to Elena

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>> Stefan's here.
>> Found him when I wandered past the graveyard.
>> Meet us at Bed of Roses?
>> Lexi's allowing me in for one night only.
>> Again.

No evil

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Seal took my friend away. Someone I'd known well back in school, and here for a couple years. And they're home now. And it took many others too, one of which was my father. I.. should I be more sad about that? Maybe it's not as much a shock as I hadn't known Draco was here when he was, only after he "left". He was here and I didn't know. I wish that I did know. I do now, though. But he's gone. Too late. It also took Lydia, and Robin who was a good teacher, Henry who was also cool Dammit, I could have asked him! Then he could have told me Draco was around and I could have

Seems it's sending people here again. I know it's confusing. But it gets easier after a time. Ohh, maybe it will send back my father and friends? I can only hope. Why does this have to hurt so much, losing people I know Until then.. I'll patrol and practice quidditch. And firewhiskey, that certainly may help too, if any from Hogwarts still has some. I'll pay for a whole barrel-keg of it.

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I know Hayley came back, You doing okay?

I'm probably overstepp


I'm not sure I'll ever get used to the ebb and flow around here.
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