War Is Coming Communications.

January 8th, 2015

War Is Coming Communications.


January 8th, 2015

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Well, this is weird.

No evil

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Had always wondered why I was persuaded to adopt any pet except for ferrets, probably one good thing I got out of watching those damn movies and the tumbling internet There are times I wonder about changing my surname, what it might be like to be someone else but then I wouldn't really be me I need to go fly or something You know, it's nice to get back into the normal routines again. Those classes.. felt unusual going to them again, like re-learning a forgotten trade or curriculum. But you know what? I do believe it's starting to come back to me now these past few weeks. If someone told me at Hogwarts that I'd be learning karate, guns, arrows, and swords, and fighting monsters? Demons, possessions, and the exorcising? Or not even that, that I'd fight in a war to stop the Apocalypse, facing things as bad as what went on during my parents' teen years. I'd have called it insane and probably sent an owl to St. Mungo's, post haste.

But it's interesting what you get used to after the fact. I'm going to keep going to classes. Still need to excel at the lessons. Besides, we ever get magic taken away again? I'd like to be more prepared than the last time. But I'll still fight either way, with or without magic. Though having fun is nice too, like getting a bunch of movies or playing some quidditch practice. Also, I made my house look more like.. well, like my House. Changed some of the décor and draperies to the color green. And might be a few Slytherin banners and tapestries hanging up in a couple places. And a big "M" emblazoned on the front doors Least this way it won't feel so much like I'm alone and more of a homey type sense when I live here.

Oh, and the Jólablót feat invitation that was posted? I'm going over the weekend, so do any of my friends or anyone else want to go along there too? I think it will be amazing. Great food. Magic. And a chance to learn of other cultures. One thing I remember learning, it's to always keep an open mind. But then that is true for nearly any circumstance. So, any takers? :)

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( Tasha )
What did you do?

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[Bucky Barnes]
I have a question to ask, and I want you to answer honestly. I won't be angry.

Did you kill John Garrett?
[Tony Stark (MCU)]
You wouldn't happen to have an Iron Man suit on you, by any chance, would you?
[Tony Stark (616), Bruce Banner (616) & Jemma Simmons]
Gentleman & Dr. Simmons,

I might need a favour.

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Holy wow I thought this was a dream. 

Um. Hi. 

Anyone remember me? I guess if not I'm Iliana and I was here for a while last year?

Texts to Grant Ward

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[OOC: All backdated to last night. Starting around 9pm]

>> Hey kid
>> Might need your help with something

About an hour later:

>> Kid, answer your texts

An hour later:

>> Kid. Where are you?

An hour later:

>> Seriously, Ward!
>> Answer the damn phone!

An hour later:

>> Where the hell are you?
>> This is not a drill

An hour later

>> Damnit kid!

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How the hell did you get me out of New York?  And where's Amy?

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I can't find John. You're pretty much the only one I can ask to help me right now. Something happened yesterday, I don't know what, he's in trouble though and I wasn't there. I was with all of you, and I can't...If I failed him again
He told me you were all weaknesses.
He told me and its true or why else...



Tell me this wasn't you distracting me
I need to hear you say this wasn't a distraction.
Please Skye
Because it was good, wasn't it, it was something good. And you have every right to lie to me, just please don't

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[Filters Against All Tony Starks]
He so is there anyone here who's good at listening and handing out impartial advice?

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[During this]
He's here. But it's not him.

How can someone be here and be so different?

No evil is allowed here

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Is behavior inherited?

If you watched and experienced bad things does that mean you will also do those bad things to others?

Do you have to turn into who your parents were?
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