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December 24th, 2014

December 24th, 2014

No Known Threats

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Alright! Well, then. We're off. All of us. Well, those of us on the TARDIS. We're off skiing. I don't remember the last time I went skiing. Well, actually I think it might have been...never mind.

Right! So, before we left I just wanted to say
Have a very Merry Chrismas )

[TARDIS Filter]

Right, then! Everybody ready?


Filtered to Martha

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I've been thinking. I know you're just heading off with The Doctor. But, with Simon gone would you like more help with the Med Centre?

[Filtered to Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff and Tony Stark]

Would you mind awfully if I reduced my work hours, and went part-time?

Just, Martha's running the Med Centre on her own now, and I've offered to help her. As it really is a lot of work for just her.

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What good are these wish things when they can't bring you the one person thing you really want?

( Lissa and Christian )
So, I wished for the cabin. You know, the one we spent Christmas our last year in school? The one where Dimitri and me I even got the pond to come with it, so we can go skating and I thought maybe we could do Christmas there this year. It won't be the same as being home, but maybe it'll help.

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I got called in for a meeting with the head of my department today. They want me to do more hands on work with smaller class sizes. They also want me to add a third class, so it appears I'll be teaching sixty students with three classes of twenty. I don't know if this will be better or worse. I just wish they had told me earlier. Now I have to revamp lesson plans today and tomorrow to get them submitted by the 26th before I leave for my holiday.


I have presents for you and Bo. When would be a good time to drop them off?

Filtered to Peter Parker and Felicia Hardy

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I keep meaning to ask. Do you two have plans tomorrow?

We were wondering if you'd Luke to come over for dinner.

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Who: Lydia and Mitchell
What: Christmas morning bauble wishes!
When: Forward dated a bit to Christmas morning
Where: Their apartment

Santa that's my only wish this year )

No Known Threats

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You know how people have said that specificity is the key. Apparently being too specific is a thing too. I tried wishing for my memories back, mostly so I could get memories of my little girls. But, all I've gotten back is memories of them. Nothing else, just them.

Either that, or the seal is just a jerk.

Still, it's nice to actually know them now. The last few months have been difficult with them not understanding why Mommy doesn't know things.

No Evil

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Okay. It's weird hearing my facetwin have a British accent and see him being a general douchebag Disney prince. And that hair. I'm not liking the hair. I am getting concerned with the choices he makes in his films, aside from my own life story. And possibly Unstoppable and This Is War. Those were good movies. But yeah. Even though everything else looks awesome, it's going to take some convincing for me to pay money to see Into The Woods. Which sucks because I want to go see a movie tomorrow and I'm not sure what else is worth watching. Anyone got other recommendations that isn't The Interview?

And yes, for the record, I do sound that good when I sing.
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