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December 23rd, 2014

December 23rd, 2014

Texts to Skye

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>> Was that
>> Are you
>> What did you wish

>> Skye?
>> Was that you?
>> Just now?
>> If you don't respond in half an hour I'm coming home.
>> I'm worried.

No Known Threats

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I'm feeling homesick
I miss Belle already

I wished to be able to teleport. I think I've worked out how it works. So, I'm going to go for a swim for a few days. I'm leaving my phone here, because it would get damaged otherwise.

[Lissa, Rose H and Sydney]

I'm probably going to miss my shift with you. Will you be alright without me?

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So, few things, You're all so loud Should have paid attention to

1. Earthquake. What happened? Cause they don't just come out of nowhere in December in Kansas, and there was no prior warning, and since this world kinda runs on douchey omens. I would like an answer.
2. The baubles can do a lot. They really can. They can change your whole life. But sometimes they won't. Sometimes even if you wish and wish some things I guess it feels are unfeasible. The babies thing, hell, it could just be as simple as wanting another generation. I don't know. But I guess Im just saying, it can't do everything. But it can do a lot of good. Or you can be my super special brother in law one year and jokingly ask it for a sandwich. ...By all accounts it was a pretty good sandwich.
3. Spike, I know your wish was probably practical and useful and all, but next year you know you COULD just wish for Passions to be shown in this world, right?

This has been your helpful Demon Christmas message 2014. Emily's actually old enough to be ridiculously over excited by it now so I guess I caught the bug too

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Thor, my prince, I think the singing ball has given me something of yours. The disc on her collar says she is called Tanngrisnir. I suspect that is a name she has to grow into, however, so for now I will just call her Tanni.

Cut for image )

I do not think she likes the dragon very much, which is funny because she is so much bigger than he is! I think she could eat him, if she wanted to.

(Do not worry, Henrik, she does not want to. Although she is trying to eat everything else)

[Filter to Loki]
Are you well, Father?

I felt the tremors and I thought perhaps

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( Klaus )
You really need to make peace with Rebekah. Whatever she's done here, she kept Hope safe for us. You made peace with her there, you forgave her for whatever it was you were pissed at her for. She's family, Klaus.

And she sacrificed herself to help you beat your mother.

( Rebekah )
Thank you. I don't know if I ever said it and I know you don't remember, but thank you for keeping her safe.

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My bauble disappeared so I think that means my wish worked. I'm gonna go see one of the doctors and get birth control but we probably also need condoms now.

Did your wish work? Did you find out everything you wanted to know?

[Filtered to Doctors]
Is there any chance I can like schedule a check up after the holidays? I'm pretty sure I need birth control now.

[Rebekah and Rose]
OOC: Both were sent teddy bears to their places with a note that said: In case you need a hug today.

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[Bucky Barnes]
You know, you haven't told me what you want for Christmas.

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I got some gifts for Hope that I'd like to drop off at the compound.


I love you, little sister.

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I am officially a fan of these wish things.

( Georgina )
So, I'm moving. You want to come over and help me break the place in?

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I must have tried 5 different wishes before I found one that worked. I guess my bows from home were the best it could do.

No evil

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So my wish was totally worth it, if only for this home movie of Jeremy and I.

And Jenna's yearbook photo.

Cut, not filtered )

(OOC: Let's pretend their names are Elena and Jeremy, rather than Kayla and Jonathan plz. ^^)

[Filtered to Jenna]

So, now that the Boarding House is here, we're probably going to move out, if that's alright with you.

But, hey, my wish brought back all of the movies and photos I burned along with our old house.

And we're totally still up for Christmas.

Will you be okay? I know it's hard without Ric here.

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[Filtered to Friends + Marvel minus Ward & Garrett]

If any of you would like, you are welcome to join us at the warehouse for Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.

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I think
I can't


Where are you?

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I'm sorry. I'm so sorry Was anyone hurt in that earthquake?

What you wished for... Can you take me somewhere? Just- I need to get out of here. At least until I learn to control it. I don't want any of them to get hurt because of me.

Posted via Journaler.

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[Bobby and the Hunters]
I have heard that you run local induction sessions introducing people to the local monsters and was wondering how I go about signing up or if you need any help with researching that earthquake.

[Whomever is in charge of the Sanctuary]
I need a place to stay, and I hear you have spare rooms. I just require a simple one bedroom apartment, if you have one spare it would be perfect, I'm afraid I can't really pay for it at the moment but I'll work something out soon.

Greetings exulted Loki, Rupert Giles here, I'm led to believe you have a Library with lots of useful books in it, I'm wondering if you need any help researching the significance of that earthquake.

No Threats

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I know we are all preparing for the impending holiday and no one likes to consider things that are less than cheerful this time of year. However, this time last year, we had just fought a war. An important one that determined the fate of humanity as we know it. People lost their lives, people have been changed forever. Many are still dealing with the aftermath. And that deserves a day of remembrance.

Whatever may come, none of you are forgotten. Your sacrifices were not made in vain.

Many of you have only arrived in the last year. Please know that the only reason you were able to do so is because the Earth remains under the hands of the human race and their free will.

No evil or pro-apocalypse types

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Harry, where are you? I need y

These wish baubles are peculiar things. They rather chillingly remind me of the Prophecies

I'm tempted to wish for Hogwarts library, simply to do more research on them but that seems like such a selfish wish when this world is on the verge of relapsing into apocalypse. There must be something more useful we can wish for.

Oh and for those who have been skirting around talking to me frankly for fear that you may let slip that I'm fictional in this world, I know now. I've finished reading the first book and I'm part way through the second. I know how the story ends so there's no need to worry about "spoilers".


Have you ever wanted to laugh, cry and scream at the same time?
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