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December 2nd, 2014

December 2nd, 2014

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Anyone here (whose name isn't Loki) know anything about Chaos Magic? And how it works in this realm? Because I don't want to accidentally shred the fabric of spacetime or break physics or anything. I watch Doctor Who. (Well, I did. RTD > Moffat.) I know how bad things get.

Also, I have such a craving for Pringles, but they're so gross.

But seriously guys, Chaos Magic.

Filtered to Skye and Fitz

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Okay, I think we should move into Sanctuary for a little while. And, then maybe look for our own place. Somewhere we could build a lab.

Want to help me look?

[Filtered to the Avengers Warehouse]

Thank you ever so much for your hospitality and letting us stay with you.

But, we've decided we need to get our own place. We're just not happy being somewhere that Loki is invited into without us even being asked

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[Filtered to Emma Swan]

Want to meet for lunch today? I'll bring Nik and you bring Aislinn?


I think we should take a vacation soon.

No Threats No Evil No Service

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Pet shaming is my new favorite thing, especially while I sniffle and chug orange juice in an attempt to not be sick (which I'm failing at...epicly).

Click for adorableness. )

How you doing, big guy?

Soooo....between Frigga being gone and the...other younger you....is the way to put it? How you doing?

Do I need to drag you away for de-stressing or cuddles or something?

Filtered against known threats

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Don't forget swing classes, everyone! Thursdays and Saturdays [times] at the Youth Center!

Hey boss, so....what do you want for Christmas?

What do you want for Christmas?

The clothes I got fit, right?


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I need some advice, of the relationship sort.

Steve Rogers

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So how was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was good.

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Ladies and gentlemen, reasons my son is going to hate me when he's older.

But honestly, how cute is he?? I think he's starting to look more like Robin than anything. Those eyes! He has daddy's smirky smile, too, though Daddy won't admit to it.

We still haven't been to visit Santa yet. But that's going to happen.

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I'm trying you know. To make this different. take this chance, but Asgard...I just can't..

I can't be the only one to hate the next three weeks and all that commercial bullshit that pretends to be about family that goes with it

Anyone else planning to ignore Christmas


Its not just Loki
They interfere. They use us
They're the reason we went after that damn staff
And then Lorelai...
I want to see you

You're leaving the warehouse?
Are you gonna be safe?
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