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October 9th, 2014

October 9th, 2014

Over 16's Only

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So, back home I used to throw regular club nights at The Compound

Now, since back in the spring I wished for The Compound to come here, I've decided to hold occasional parties there, instead.

First up, is Halloween.  It won't be child friendly, I'm afraid.  But, those 16 and up are more than welcome.

8pm, October 31st. Fancy dress is not optional.

Oh, and Alex.  You'll be my date, right?

No evil or apocalypse wanting people

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You'd think after being here for a couple years and having defeated him back home it'd stop the nightmares about Ultron. Though apparently my brain decided to make it a zombie Ultron.

So um, I was thinking that if you wanted, if you wanted if not it's cool, that if you wanted to see me play football you could come to a game or something. If not that's fine, I just wanted offer. I know it's weird probably learning that in an alternate version of Earth/the future you have a kid with Black Widow. But I just wanted to throw it out there so...yeah. [High school football schedule]

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How does one go about getting work here? Figure my usual line of business won't be too appreciated.

[And No Ana Filter]

Also, anyone got any recommendations on where to take a girl out here?

no evil

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Not a bad view to wake up to, right? )

((OOC: Let's pretend that this is posted at a reasonable time in PDT, as opposed to 4am, y/y? ^^))

Beacon Hills

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Halloween costumes. Who's going as what?


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Do you and your family have the night free? Think we're going to end up doing a last minute pumpkin carving if you wanted to bring them over to Mary's.

[ooc: Dated to whenever this happened and clearly not when Robins on vacation :P]

Filtered to Techy Type People

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I wanted to work with you all to get my teleport watches synchronised with the detection devices at the graveyard.

As well as my machine that goes bing.

And, obviously we have some newer tech people here, who will probably have new ideas.
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