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September 26th, 2014

September 26th, 2014

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How does a road trip sound?

Or, any trip really.

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Davina? Look I'm all for a get away from the craziness that is New Orleans and the rampaging lunatic that is Klaus, but...was the creepy graveyard necessary? It's a bit cliched, don't you think?

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Alright Lawrence, I need to know!!! Best pizza place?

Annnnnnd go!

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You know, I think it's saying something that being magically transported to a town in the middle of nowhere doesn't even come close to being the worst part of my day.

I don't suppose Klaus and Elijah are here?

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No evil

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Waking up in a graveyard. Every girl's dream come true.

Magic Users

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I've figured that I need to see if I can access my first magic, nature magic. But, I think I need a couple of people to stand by, just in case something goes wrong when I try this?

Anybody free tomorrow to help me out? Preferably someone who can put out fires, literally.

[Claire Callahan]

This is stupid
I'd be bad at counseling
I don't want to do this
Kol is an idiot

[Texts sent to Elena Gilbert]

>> You, Caroline, and I are having a spa day.
>> Happy belated birthday!
>> No, you don't get a choice.
>> It's a girl day.
>> You could use it, we all could.

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Could really have done without the Portkey to a graveyard. Rather bad memori

Right. Draco and I could use a little help.

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Thanks for getting me all of that. I'll definitely return the favour.


It's at the end of October? Is there something he needs to do, that he hasn't? Is there anything I can do for you?

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I've seen a lot of weird things in my life and my unlife, but I have to say that being randomly transported to a graveyard is a first for me. Now, if someone could just point the way back to Mystic Falls, that would be great.
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