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July 29th, 2014

July 29th, 2014


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Hey, Rose. I was wondering if you had room for last minute volunteers? Maybe I could work with Lydia, if she needs help at the dress up photos.

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So, beautiful.  Looks like the pirate captain is back in town.  He said he'll be in Bed of Roses tonight.

So, that party we were discussing.

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[Beacon Hills]

I volunteered to work at the carnival this weekend. Anyone else coming?

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All right. So. Last thing I remember my Doctor changed to another Doctor, and then I somehow got off the TARDIS and ended up in a graveyard in Kansas. And I'm fictional. And I have fans? Does this sound at all outlandish to anyone else?

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If we're going to have a pie eating contest next weekend at the carnival, then we're going to need some actual pies to put on tables. Is anyone interested in helping me with the baking?

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Why do some people come back but not
Some people only go for a little while and then show up again like nothing happened, but
It's been like a year n

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Thor is gone. Again. It seems if we are at peace, it will always

I grow tired of this nonsense. I should be able to control this se


I'm sorry.


Once again, I'm sorry if I startled anyone.

[ooc: 1) because I didn't notice when it happened, we're assuming this just now went down, since otherwise oocness, yo.. 2) yeah, his close friends got check-ins again because reasonssss.]

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I think I've done all the adjusting to the bigger picture of things about this place that I can do. Time to stop hiding. Hello, world, how are you?

Rose's carnival. You're going because I'm bringing you with me. And I maybe alluded to talking you into actual participation.

Friends Only!!

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I've only been up an hour and I'm already three hundred and fifty percent done with today.

One day I'm going to find the Seal and give it a stern talking to.

grandma belle

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you shouldn't listen to the pirate

he's just lonely

and doesn't like that you and grandpa are happy and he doesn't get to be happy because my mom loves graham and not him

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I don't understand how one man can have so much hate for another.

I don't understand him, I've tried. I have. And I'm not naieve I know why he hates you. Its because of Milah. 

But he can't let it go.

Can you take me somewhere, remote, just us. I think I need that for a day or two. Just you and me

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So my dad's here. Which should be a good thing. Except he has no idea who I am. Which is bloody stupid. I guess this probably happens a lot here but...it's not bloody fair.

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Dean?  Are you here?

I don't understand.  How did I get to Lawrence, Kansas?
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