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July 19th, 2014

July 19th, 2014

Filtered from princesses and queens and pms. And SHIELD. Not Skye though, she can see.

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do princesses get psm.


Filtered to Alex

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We need to see more of each otehr, like.  This is all ridiculous,ly weird.

We should, like organise to meet up once a week or something.

I miss you.

[Filtered to Jesse]

So, we said we'd go to the cinema another time.  Since I couldn't the otehr day.

Want to go this weekend?

No evil/bad Heaven

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Just got the call an hour or so go...I officially have my job at the vet clinic back.

[Rebekah & Caroline]
So...I panicked for nothing. They were just a bunch of tree-huggers...but Stiles is back in Lawrence now.

Thanks for helping us out...even though it ended up being for nothing. Sorry we kinda wasted your time.

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The Little Mermaid was on tv and I had popcorn.

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Didn't know I could sing so well. Nice they made that in to a big spectacle.


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Can I talk to you about something?

Sorry, I didn't respond when you reached out to me. I just needed to process it all on my own.


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So everyone seems to be grounded. How long will it be for me?

Filtered Against Evil and Bo

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Just got a call from the Times wondering if Freddie was planning on returning to defend his title.

Thank you for reminding me I lost my husband and my career in one big fall of the Asshole Seal ax.

In better news, Bo and I made pancakes this morning. Bo started them, anyway. Till she wore half the flour. It was basically adorable.

Bonnie & Elena

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I need a girl's day. Can we have a girl's day?

I know things are like different here and everything but you two are my best friends and okay I saw Bonnie earlier in the week but it still seems like its been ages since we did anything together. And I need you both so much righ

So I say we do something fun.

With alcohol.
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