War Is Coming Communications.

July 3rd, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


July 3rd, 2014

No evil douchewads of Heaven or Hell varities

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OMG NO ONE TOLD ME PLAYING MOM WAS THIS STRESSFUL GUYS! It isn't even noon yet and Aiden has: Discovered the stairs, hid out in the cabinets under the kitchen sink, and "look, Dia! bubbles!"....handsoap, dipensed all over the bathroom.

Hatter, we're going to the store. This house needs better babyproofing now that he's IN ALL THE THINGS OMG.

Moms! Halp! What baby proof-y things do I need? I'm making a list!

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Petite, Grantaire would like to know if we plan on attending the "weird tea party".

I'll let you handle this one.

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Scott McCall, you have (3) new messages. )

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Hi buddy, would you like to hang out a bit?

[ETA: Charlie]

So, how's your French?

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Is it bad I'm actually excited for the Fourth of July party coming up? I'm British. I should dislike this holiday on principle.

[Friends Filter]*

Is anyone else going to the party at the Center tomorrow? I enjoy meeting new people most of the time but it's also rather nice to see people I'm close to as well.

[*OOC: Olivia, this most certainly includes you now!]

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I mean, seriously, Jack, WHAT?

[Filtered to Rose Tyler]

Why are you
I miss you
Please, Rose.

Rose Tyler....

Why are you avoiding me?

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My naem name is Lagertha.
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