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June 24th, 2014

June 24th, 2014

Filtered to Damon

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So, Skye showed up.

She's the one I drunkenly denied having a thing for and then even more drunkenly admitted to.

Now look, its complicated. Don't ask me how its complicated but there are things about me she would hate if she knew. 

Things I can't change.

I generally don't need advice with women, believe me. But this...she doesn't remember what I do, and I don't know what exactly might happen?

Magic Users

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Is there any merit to a meeting of those of magical power, at Loki's new building?

Its simply that I've become aware of more of power in this city. It seems the seal has chosen well. But we should know of each other, be aware.

My name is Ana. Known to most as the Red Queen of Wonderland. Think of that what you will darlings, but I am here to help.

And I am wonderfully curious to see what we can all do when we need to.

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Enjolras has shown me how to use this téléphone, though I am still getting used to the translator, so please excuse any erreurs. Mistakes.

Thank you for your assistance, Andy. It is apprécié appreciated. Perhaps we can drink together again soon.

My name is Grantaire. I come from the same time and place as Eponine and Enjolras. So far this has been explained to me as biblique seal. But, I am not understanding, if this apocalypse has already ended and Lucifer is in his cage, what is the bataille for you now?

Texts to Jenna

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>> So, I was sort of planning to have a house party for Damon's birthday on Saturday
>> Thoughts?

Filtered to Bonnie and Davina

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You two should meet, and discuss witchy things.  Or something.

[Filtered to Hal]

Killed anyone yet?

[Filtered to Klaus]

Do I have "Bad boy who got the girl" tattooed across my forehead or something?

Because someone else just asked me similar questions to the ones you asked me in the cellar.

[Filtered to Elena]

So, looks like we no longer have the house to ourselves.

I think, we should go somewhere.  Just the two of us.  Where I can ply you with champagne and have you all to myself.


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Hi. I don't think I've really ever talked to you but I know that you and Henrik are pretty close. I don't really want to leave him home alone since he's only 10 and was wondering if you might be open to watching him while I go out one night.

I'm not entirely sure which night yet but I'll let you know as soon as I know.

And I completely understand if it isn't something you'd like to do. But I know you're one of the people he is comfortable with and I just want to make sure he'll be okay.

Thank you.


JSYK. We're doing karaoke with Marcel.

I already got a sitter for Henrik and everything.

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34 Ways Disney Movies Are Entirely Screwed Up

I rest my case, your honor.

(That being said, no offense to our Disneyesque friends...aka my extended family)

No Evil or Heaven

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Guys!  I have a plan!

Karaoke.  Karaoke should happen.  Soon.

Lexi.  Make it happen!

Filtered to Kol Mikaelson and Anna Milton

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Right. I am going to put aside work for the rest of the week. There are no contracts due, no thinking about alphas or purgatory, none of it. And we are going to take some time for just us. Fuck what anyone else is doing. I am going to be selfish.
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