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June 20th, 2014

June 20th, 2014

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[Darcy and Davina]

I find myself tiring of the drama here. Would the two of you be interested in...I believe they call it a Girls' Day?


Do you need anything, little dove? I know you must be having a difficult time.

Crowley & Anna

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Staying with you for awhile. Can't handle my brother right now.

I'm staying at Crowley's for a bit. Just thought you should know.

I'll be back soon. It's just...Nik and I are having a spat. I'm sorry. Message me any time, if you wish to see me, little brother. We'll stay in your treehouse, okay? I love you. I'm sorry things are this way. I know it hurts you. I wish it could be different. I'm so sorry.

I can't. I can't with him anymore. So easily, he's going to throw away every but of progress we've made, like it was nothing. Deluded myself into thinking he cared but it's so obvious he doesn't, probably never did.

[note: All in-laws count on Kol's "family" filters anymore unless stated otherwise!]

Mikaelsons and family thereof

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I have an idea.

A way to maybe help. But you'd really need to trust me. Which of course would likely be problem one.

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I had debated staying quiet on the matter, but I feel the need to put in my two cents on the recent events that have gone on....


I am not okay people.

Not. Okay.

This is serious business!  Serious, serious business. Like not unfortunate deals with redcaps serious but I am traumatised. Urugauy?

Its not even a real place is it? Can't be...

[Added filter to Bo D]

They're all willing to help.

We do it for a few minutes or whatever. Get you your power and we unbind. We do this every once in a while. It can work. Least till we figure this out

Friends/Family Filter

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We're on our way back.  Think we've got a lead on the next link.  But, someone else can take care of that.


We'll be back tonight.  When do you want to do this?

[Ward, Simmons and Elena]

We'll be back in town tonight, if you still want that drink.


You did really well this week, Baby.  I know you hated it really.  But, thank you for trying.  I love you.


Random question: Do you know the daylight ring spell?

No evil or Apocalypse restarting jerks

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And I thought those of us in the Bat Family were good at drama.

So how's my sexy Kryptonian feeling?

No evil

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I don't think my wish worked so well. It just made everything foggy. I miss Perry. He'd know what to do.

What else do we need to do for Greg's party? Also, I don't know what to do for presents.

So are you planning anything to get back at Regina, or are you just planning to let her sweat forever?

Are you mad at me?

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Talking to someone earlier made me realise that I don't write anymore. I don't even have a journal here and I didn't notice until today. I used to write all the time, about everything. I don't know when that stopped.


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Are you doing alright, Henrik? Your family seems to be

No evil/bad heaven/siblings

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Are movies supposed to be accurate retellings? Because we did not have dragons to train. Though that might have been quite fun to have around but I think my father would've been like

I did like the song sung by the father though. It reminded me of home. I have not heard songs like it here.

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Are the people here normally so dramatic? You make La Carlotta look tame and that woman could throw a fit like you wouldn't believe...

No Evil

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I miss Fitz.  I don't know what to do without him.
I mean, Dr Banner's lab is great, but
What do i do

So, Agents Barton and Romanoff have very kindly given me access to Dr Banner's lab.  It's an excellent lab, which is what I'd expect from him.  But, I was wondering if there was anything I could do to help around here.   It's harder without Fitz.

Martha, do I remember you saying you run the displaced's medi-centre?  Would you like an extra doctor on staff?

Filtered to Blokes

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So, if there was a girl and you kinda liked her.  And you maybe wanted to let her know, then what would you do?

And then, when you know you want to give her your preshus flower.  How do you know what to do with her, like?

I mean, I know about the birds and the bees.  Or at least I know it's not about hunny bees and all of differnet types of birds, like.  And I was going to talk to Hal about it but he sorta turned into Bad Hal and I didn't think he'd really give good advice about girls.

And I looked at books in the librabry but they were kinda really confusing.  And I didn't really know what they were getting at.

And McNair always said you should be polite and corteaus to ladies, and hold doors for them.  But, Alex always said that was patrinising.

[Filtered to Alex]

I miss you.  We haven't spent enuf time together since I got here.

Want to do somethimg?  Like go to the arcade or bowling or summat.
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