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June 19th, 2014

June 19th, 2014

Filtered to Katherine

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Do you want to go out tonight, baby? Or has Ruby turned you against me?

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Just a note to the uninformed.

It's rude to filter to all your family and friends bar me, behind filters, its also not that bright when I'm on a hunt with someone very very involved in said discussion and his limpit of a girlfriend.

Bad form Bex

Just to clear some things up for all of you

1. No I don't care if you plan against me. Its natural. I have plans for if any of you ever come at us, so there's that. Turnabout being fair play and all.
2. Your opinion of me matters less than nothing. There are a few people that I could say I like, if you're one of them I expect you know that already. If not, well there's your answer. its my sister and brothers that seem to crave affection and they do sulk when they're tarred by my many and varied misdeeds, at least tar them with their own
and 3. I'm actually probably being nicer to the Gilbert brat  than any one of them. I allowed her to come hunting and haven't killed her or even really threatened her. Ask her, that's progress

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Scott McCall; Just some feels
Wednesday evening, June 18, 2014; Casa de Beacon Hills
PG-13 (mentions of death); Complete

He was just in a mode of complete and utter shut down.Read more... )

Filtered from Evil

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This normal, the crazy bickering.

Cause I figured it was just new people dramatics.

I actually legitimately got a headache. Which normally only happens when Fitzsimmons get sciency


One thing I learned working with that team. You want them to unite, you want them in fighting form.

Give them something to untie them. Give them an enemy, hurt them in some way. The bickering goes away pretty damn quick.

And I figure you're more than capable of it

Filtered against Evil/Heaven

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Sometimes I wake up and I can't believe how much my life has changed in two years.

Then Nik smiles and coos and tries to speak, or James walks into the room, and I realize I don't care because it's better now than it ever was, and I'm grateful to the seal for bringing me here.

No Evil or Good Evil...you know what I mean

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[[ooc: this should have been a week ago but I don't want to talk about it!!! So we're moving all events up a week]]

Okay so in two weeks, we're going to celebrate the fabulousness that will hopefully make being homeless in Lawrence considerably less sucky. Warm food, clean showers and clothes, and hopefully new jobs? Best way to go. Now, since that's happening, we're going to have an opening soiree, to present to the public, and all of you are invited! It's a dressy casual sort of thing and there'll be music and dancing and I'm debating between live band and DJ but I'll get back to you on this!

...and Marian, you had better keep that kid in there till this is all done!


And you had best be my date for this thing, handsome.


I wouldn't blame you if you didn't. But I'd really like for you to come.

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Strange question perhaps but do you think you could make plates and a candlestick sing a song about preparing dinner?

No evil or anyone who wants Apocalypse part deux

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With the parkour course I got with my wish months ago, I realized how cool of a laser tag/paintball course it could be the other day. I need to look into getting those. If people are interested.

...come to think of it it'd make a good urban self defense course too.

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[Damon and Katherine]

I'm tired of it.

I tried. I did. But I'm done. I'm done caring about what she'll think, I'm done with weakness.  One of you fix it.

You know to what I'm referring

Or I find a way to reverse a wish.


I'm sorry.

For, basically all of it. For not being the kind of friend you deserve.

For being weak. Every time I try not to be...I just...


Hate me or don't. But be aware if you ever hurt her because of what you have become. Human or not I will find a way to end you. She might despise me now for everything with Alex but Lydia is still important to me.

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I had debated staying quiet on the matter, but I feel the need to put in my two cents on the recent events that have gone on. I’m sure many of you will take issue with it like Ruby and Hal, and you’re free to tell me off or voice your concerns.

By all means, have contingency plans for us if it will ease your minds and put you at ease. But do not forget my family and I fought by your side in this war, and like a few others, Bekah suffered unimaginably for it. We have made friends with some of you. Laughed with you and stood by your side. And yet, the contingency plans? If it makes you feel better, so be it.

We have done nothing since our arrival here. Nothing. We have not killed anyone and we agreed to the truce. Do our tempers get the best of us? Do we sometimes yell and shout and say—in your eyes—stupid and dangerous things? Yes. But not once since our arrival have we hurt any of you.

How soon you all forget.

I cannot speak for all my siblings, nor do I wish to, but I can tell you all I want here is to be able to live happily with the love of my life, and to have a second chance at happiness with my family. They are the ones that matter to me. That’s all I want. As long as nobody hurts Katherine or my siblings, I’m fine. You have nothing to fear from me.

I will admit that I sometimes speak before thinking and get hot under the collar when I feel my family or Katherine is being mistreated, but I will never act unless they are directly and physically attacked. If having a plan to take me down makes you sleep better at night? So be it.


Now: for the lot of you. I’m tired of this. I’m tired of all this fighting and all this unneeded drama between all of us. Do you not realize that we all have to stick together? For 1000 years that is all we’ve done, and it seems to be crumbling before your eyes. So I have a few choice words for all of you.

Rebekah: I have the feeling your hiding something. I don’t know what it is, but you seem to be spiraling lately, and I do not like that you feel the needed to hide things from us. Do not filter one of us out of a conversation, it only needs to hurt feelings and more tempers erupting.

Kol: While you’re anger and ranting towards Elena Gilbert was totally justified, you ignited an angry and vengeful mob. Just remember to hold your head high and prove them all wrong. They are better than what they give you credit for.

Klaus: You need to stop with your petty jealous and sulking and brooding. Boohoo, Rebekah calls Kol her ‘twin’. Get over it. We actually want to be liked here and have friends and live for something other than we lived for back home. Get over it. I love you brother, we all do, but I will no longer tip-toe around you, I will no longer hold back on my relationship with Katherine. I want her. I’m going to be with her. If I chose to marry her one day and you disown me? It’s been fun. I’m not bending for you anymore, just like you are no longer bending for us. I am completely done kissing your ass. You seem to disavow the 1000 years of loyalty we gave you. You tell Kol to stop sulking? You seem to be the only one sulking. You didn’t like that I gave Rebekah away, you don’t like that she lovingly refers to Kol as her ‘twin’. God forbid any of us have something with Rebekah that you don’t have.

None of us are trying to change you anymore. You keep going on, and on, and on about how you bent for us. Well then stop bending. Go back to behaving however you want. I don’t care. But we shouldn’t be mocked for wanting to be liked—for wanting to have friends here.

Henrik: I’m sorry that you’re caught in the middle of all of this. 1000 years of hurt, anger and backstabbing on all ends is hard to get over. We are trying, and while it may not always seem like it, we love each other and we love you. I’m not leaving, okay? I’m just going and spending a few days with my girlfriend.

Caroline: I love you little sun. You’re one of the best things that happened to this family and to Klaus. I’m sorry that you constantly get dragged into our drama. I love you, little sister.

Stefan, Crowley and Anna: Thank you for loving my siblings. I am grateful for each and every one of you.

Katherine: You. Yes you. I’m telling you this in front of all of them. I love you. Very much. I’ll never take you for granted, never regret the choice I made in loving you and in trusting you with my heart. I’m grateful you haven’t run away from us screaming yet.

Damon: I don't think you're planning against us, so don't worry. I have no issues with you.


I am sorry that it has taken me this long to greet you properly, Elena. But I hope you’re adjusting to life in Lawrence.

Please know you have nothing to fear from me here. I realize I have never given you a reason to trust me, but all I want while I am here is to live my life peacefully with Katherine and my family. I don’t want to fight. I believe you when you say you’ll leave Kol and Katherine alone, so I have no reason to want anything to happen to you.

If you ever need anything, please let me know.

*Family obviously includes the in-laws or people in a relationship with one of the Mikaelsons. Damon is included because he is the brother of an in-law


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I'm..also sorry about being a jerk before. I don't feel like spamming all over the already dramatic post with my own dramatics. But you know, there it is.

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ive not known what to say on this thing for a while. which is odd. i suppose ive just been busy making sure things are good off at sherwood. its different having a say in things now. i think i rather like it. i tell someone to do something and it gets done. they dont question me or look down on me because i dont know fancy words. ive never been in this position before but i think i am going to like it.

i like what you have done with things.

you mentioned something about building in the servants quarters but i lost track of things. what do you want to build?

Filter: Scorpius Malfoy

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The drama is way too much (I know you said Hogwarts had its moments but this is insane), want to take a day trip into Kansas City for a breather this weekend?

And how are your friends dealing with the local crazy?
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