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June 11th, 2014

June 11th, 2014

No evil jerks or jerky Heaven types

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How do I explain to a one and a half year old tiny boy that his mama's not here? He keeps tugging on my sleeve all "Dia, Dia, mama?"

The seal giveth and the seal taketh away...
I'm basically a mix bag of feels rn. Aidan is breaking my heart, I lost my sister to the Seal, but also I got my techiebestie back so...

So. You and me and Aidan. All on our own. We got this?

Family and friends

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I'm sorry for worrying all of you.

I know a lot is going on right now and I wish I could say the right thing or help, but I can't right now. So just know I love you, okay?

No Heaven, Hell, Damon or Elena

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Ares and I need a new place to live.

Lee, Lexi-- you were right can I pull some double shifts? I've got extra time on my hands.

Email to Caroline

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Care? Are you okay?

I'm sorry, for yesterday.

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[Texts to Stefan]
>>She's with me.  She's safe.
>>You should probably come over.
>>Rose has moved out.
>>Spare bed if you need it, brother.

[Texts to Lexi]
>>Sorry.  She left to see me.
>>She's safe.
>>You know, I'd never let anything hurt her.

[Texts to Rebekah]
>>Stop being stupid.
>>He loves you, more than anything.
>>He'd never leave you for her, even if she wanted him to.

[Texts to Klaus]
>>How's Caroline?
>>Oh, and looks like you'll need to find a new hunting partner.
>>I'm not going anywhere for a while.

Texts to Lexi (& Lee)

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>> Sorry I bailed last night.
>> It wasn't because of the 80s dancing.
>> Honest.
>> Lee, you're a wizard on the dancefloor.

texts to Rebekah

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» Not going to ask if you're okay
» But how do you feel about drinks?

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Hey. You settling in okay, sweetie? trying hard not to resent you


Hey Stefan, just checking in on you with the latest Seal arrival. You doing alright?

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At exactly what point should you stop anticipating a revenge prank from someone?

[Katherine and Ana]
Katherine, dear, when should we expect you back? I have two weeks vacation starting soon and we could easily plan a trip away.

[Harry, Ana, Katherine]
ooc: so bah I kind of forgot about this in the crazy that is my life so now it's a belated surprise birthday party. Kayla, maybe House could think they aren't going to have it and then bam surprise?

June 29th. It's a Sunday and if we're diligent enough we can keep this from Greg. His birthday was yesterday and I am going to continue with the charade of having forgotten it. Between the four of us I feel we can throw together a surprise party fit for the child that he is.

texts to Stefan Salvatore

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» I'm sorry.
» I love you.

No evil or snoopy heaven types

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Sooo now that school's out and stuff for the last couple weeks, I've been doing driving lessons, just like Daddy promised. Driving is kinda weird, ngl, but it's SO not as hard as they make it look in movies and stuff. Like...why do they do that? I mean, I get that they over-dramatize stuff and everything but the startstopstarstop thing you see in first time drivers in movies is kinda ridic!

I think a beach is in order soon. Dad, lookin' atchu.

So, while everyone else seems to be busy jumping down your throats for reacting, I'm gonna ask the stupid question I already know the answer to: Are you okay? What can I do? Anything, just let me know

[My assumptions re: school/summer start times are as of this schedule! No clue if it's right but lolol going by it!]
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