War Is Coming Communications.

June 2nd, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


June 2nd, 2014

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Oh my lord, you're getting married THIS WEEK!! Are you ready? Do you have everything? I know I told Kol I would just show up and look pretty, but I can help if you need it.


So I know how you feel about vampires but Would you like to be my date for Rebekah and Stefan's wedding?

Filtered to Bobby Singer

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Mr Singer.

Can we have a chat. I've sort of got a plan, about the hunts you keep throwing up to people

No Evil/Heaven

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This is messy. I know. Believe me. Heaven and Hell always is.

But you think about your angel choice. Think about what you'd be asking them to take on, think of their weaknesses, flaws, links to humanity if they have them. And please think about helping, even if you don't like the demons, just realise, there are worse, ones that would wipe you all out for the hell of it. Ones that if they got the power of purgetory unchecked they probably could, dooming invincible doombot of doom or not.

Actually would be easier to choose if we had more options that some dude in heaven Cas won't own up to knowing but whatever.

[Sam, Dean, Bobby]

Full disclosure. I had no idea Crowley was planning this. Truth be told, Purgetory terrifies me as a concept. Its the source of power most demons didn't believe existed, and those that did...well, put it this way, even Azazel wasn't willing to risk it.

But maybe, given the freaking archangel and distinct lack of the archangel of douchey life lessons, maybe its the only shot we have. 

Also. I'm taking Katherine Pierce hunting a shifter. She deserves a shot same as I got. Even if she is a leech dating a superleech

Filtered from Evil/Heavem

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I've organised what we have for the magic library already, my system is fairly simple to get to grips with but please could you all follow it. With a little magic from Rumple the books should know themselves where their place is as long as you return them on time. If not you will get helpful and not at all loud and annoying reminders for every extra day late. 

I should be ready to start lending in a few days. I'm given to understand the books can be borrowed for research purposes and obviously the library isn't tied to the same rules as other places in the complex. You may enter so long as you bear no intent to harm any within.

Having been attacked in a library once before I felt I should learn from the experiance.

And yes Rumple I've eaten. I had a sandwich and a cookie today. 

No evil/heaven

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Help?! My wedding is in two days and I need something borrowed and something blue! My dress is brand brand new, and Rose is helping me with something old from the TARDIS, but I need the other two!

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still a bit strange now having locksley manor here. visited the servants quarters finally the other night and i still remember every inch of it. just a bit odd is all.
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