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May 18th, 2014

May 18th, 2014

No kids, no Elena look alikes

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Does anyone have any tips on how to be nice to the person who murdered you? Cause all I want to do is wring her scrawny little neck. Even if I like who I am and all. It doesn't change the fact that she smothered me to death with a pillow knowing I'd think my best friend did it and then later manipulated me to do what she wanted before I stopped that from containing.

But Elijah loves her.

And so I should probably stop thinking up ways to make her suffer.

So tips?

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I saw dad and uncle Merrill and me and Morgan on tv with the bad aliens. Mum got smooshed on a tree. But she's in heaven now. I didn't dream about the tv before.

No evil/Heaven/under 15s

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Rebekah, you're Stefan's panda and apparently Elijah is my koala. I wasn't aware your family lived double lives as various types of bears.

Alternatively: Maybe these are simply your spirit animals.

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[ooc: These are delivered to Mary, the tag signed by Robin and probably Marian and Much, too. At a guess]


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So Cosima needs to have access to some of your amazing equipment at the Fortress. She's a clone and something is up with her DNA. So much so that it might be killing her. So any chance she can use some of those machines you have that help you with Kon to look at her own DNA and try to figure out a solution for what's ailing her?

No evil, no heaven, no kids and no Alison

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It's no good, I can't do it
Without the original genome
So, hypothetically, how does one tell her sister she's dying?

I could use some advice on the easiest way to tell someone some bad news.

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Stefan!  Wake up!  There's a Panda!  Why's there a panda?  And why are we in Buenos Aires?  With a Panda?

Filtered from Evil

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I have a Ms Peron.  Would anyone like to claim a Ms Peron?


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When should I come see you?

[Added filter to Rose]
Does it ever stop hurting?

Filtered against all known threats.

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The community theatre here is holding auditions for My Fair Lady. Does anyone here have a taste for the arts? I've decided to participate. I may not be an effective monster hunter like the rest of you, but I have quite the knack for putting on a performance and it would be unfair to withhold my muse from the world.

Even if it isn't my own.
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