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May 12th, 2014

May 12th, 2014

No evil/loyalists/Heaven

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I just wanted to say


to all the moms, step-moms, adoptive moms, moms-to-be and any other kind of mom I might've missed! You're awesome and amazing!

And I know you're not my mom, but you're better at it than my real mom even pretends to be. Thanks, Mercy. <3

[she would have found this on her bedside table with a picture of herself, Mercy & herself and Mercy, Jesse & Adam. Because reasons.]

And I know it's mother's day but you've been better to me than mom ever was so thanks for always being there for me and being amazing, Dad.

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So Saturday there will be a baby shower for Tahiri and the tiny twins she's carrying. It'll be at 2 and I'll let you know where as soon as I figure that out. But yay baby shower?

Also, Rebekah when is the wedding? Do we have an actual date?!

Can I be selfish and ask for a you and me only day soon?

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[ooc: even though she totally spoiled the surprise, This was left for Marian (and baby) in the small hours before she woke.]

No evil

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It's still really weird to see my team on tv. Apparently Cutthroat Bitch was on Friends. And yes. I actually called one of the women on my diagnostics team that. I rename people. It's just a thing.

No evil/heaven loyalists

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This world does have an awful lot of holidays and festivels. Lucky really I've embraced them all. You should ask what I do at Christmas!

Is a baby shower like one of those fancy royal naming ceremonies?

Also I have an amazing family. I wish that noted

[Henry and Bae]

You two are amazing. And thank you. I didn't expect anything like that at all. Which is why I'm cooking you both dinner in the near future. Pick your favourite meal. 


Your son is amazing.

I know I'm not his mother but I never stop being proud of how well he's done for himself here


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I do not understand my own
What do you know about
I know it is not

I suppose it is my turn to request your honesty.

Do you think it would bother you if I were to attempt to explore the fr Jotun abilities I have in greater depth? I know nearly nothing about them. I do not like not knowing important details of that nature any more than I like having them to begin wi. It may prove important, at some point.

I am not certain I am comfortable with it, myself. I thought I should ask your thoughts, though. And Thor's, I suppose, though I am not certain I wish to


I am considering trying to
I had thought perhap
What are y
Do you still hate Jo

Are you well, Thor?
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