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April 28th, 2014

April 28th, 2014


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I see you decided not to move on.

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Hey you. Happy birthday, love. I've got something for you, but I'll have to give it to you in person. You free for lunch sometime in the next few days?


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Heads up that I'm out of town for the foreseeable future. Clark and I plus the animals are meeting up with Kon in Hawaii and hopefully doing some bonding time to help him with healing. I'll be back for Vegas but I'll probably just get flown there via the Superman express and head back to Hawaii after we're done.

I expect pictures of Ais daily, Emma Swan!

Kol | Crowley | Anna

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So Kol's family bicker just as much as mine and Castiel thinks I'm weak enough to be turned against heaven by the two of you.

Well, turned against what it once was and should be again.

Crowley, the closest thing you have to family is probably Ruby. How is yours the least worrying?

Filtered to Anna Milton

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The details aren't my business. And honestly, I don't care. You're my friend, you're still my friend and I like you a lot. And Kol is my brother and I love him. So, don't hurt him or mess him around, okay? Otherwise, angel or not, badness would happen.

So, you're still coming to Vegas in a couple of weeks, right?

No siblings

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Why do people become so angry when they become older? Is the weight of the world really that great?

Bobby and the Winchesters

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So, Kol's offered to take me hunting with him.  He said I should talk to you boys about demons and things.

So, what do I need to know?

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Crowley and Koley how come you have a girlfriend and a boyfriend at the same time?

Nik, Bekah, Kol and Elijah

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I do not understand why you are all so angry.

You love one another but you are mad at one another too. Not like when father was mad with us but I still do not like it. It's like when mother was mad. It festers until it finally blows up.

Why are you so angry?

We are a family. Should we not try to help one another?

Bekah, why are you sad? I know you are.


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Everything they say is right. Every last thing. I can't think of why we are together other than the fact that I love you, but there needs to be more than that. Klaus is right, Kol is right and now, my God...Henrik is right. You make zero effort to make amends with them and to try and become friendly with them. You had your big pretty speech a few months ago, but what came out of it? Nothing. You may have reached out to Rebekah in her time of need, and I'm grateful, but other than that? Nothing.

I will not be made to choose between you and my family, I love you, but you cannot win. If you do not step up and make a sincere effort? I'm gone and we are done. I would suggest you decide what you intend to do or soon. Is your instinct to survive more important than I am?

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Ride with me?

Mikaelsons Who Are Not Henrik

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I ordinarily would not care if the lot of you fights amongst yourselves.

However, you are affecting the child.

Work out your differences like civilized adults or stay away from him until you can.

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I've had a bag of gummy bears, three pieces of chocolate, and I've been mainlining vanilla macchiatos all day. Now I'm singing along to my Disney Pandora station and I'm pretty sure poor Mitchell has hakunas coming out of his matatas.

...he's just jealous I do Mulan better than he does, I bet!

On the plus side,I may change my major to interior design. Damn I'm good. I also, however, may not sleep all week...
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