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April 23rd, 2014

April 23rd, 2014

No evil

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Someone else is trying to put a bid on my house. I'd almost feel bad for taking it from them...except I really like that house.

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How are you settling in?


Are you going to the ball?


I am interested in your new project, with Robin. He says you're in charge of the kitchen.

I'm not sure if

{ooc: Blank post for Anna!}

No evil/Heaven

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I have been having a lot of fun up at the Center, thanks for that, Rose! I've also been studying. I've got history and math covered. Anyone wanna help me with science and english/lit? The tutors at the Center are amazing, but I'm definitely not saying no to the additional help. I just really want to make sure I can place properly in school this fall.

I'm also really looking forward to the ball this weekend.

Still want to do lunch this week?

Is anyone else going to the ball?

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Texts for all the people )

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Has anyone hunted any "monsters", of late?

I am running out of samples. I suppose I may simply have to go find some, myself.

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[Texts to Spike]
» Hey, you aren't worried about Sherlock's experiments, are you?
» Because holy shit like suddenly everyone's freaking out and I don't get it, really.
» Before they were offering him samples for his stuff.

» Spike? You there, man?

» I'm coming over. Just to check you're not like gone or whatever.

[No Evil]
I don't suppose anyone's seen Spike around anywhere? Cause I think he might be gone.

No evil/Heaven/Sherlock

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Not to be a total drama queen, but is experimenting on the wild thi the not entirely human population really a thing that people okay? It's just, I had a friend back home who was experimented on and stuff and my Dad's a werewo and it wasn't good. I get the good intention behind it, but...are there, like, lines being drawn? What if someone with worse intentions gets their hands on the information? It just seeks really risky...

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So, I've been thinking.


Wanna come over for a while?

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So I am very close to finding Caroline at home and telling her I have a job and I can't spend all day answering calls and texts. Either that or I'm going to get my phone shut off. Save me from doing either of those things by getting drinks with me. I think it's just going to get worse before Saturday.

[Text To Charlie]

>> I'm thinking maybe tomorrow we can do pool and milkshakes?


I had a lot of fun talking to you over cupcakes. For what was essentially a blind date I think it went well. Do you still want me to accompany you to the ball?

[OOC: Hopefully that isn't too forward of him!]


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Do you want anything special to decorate the kitchen?

And have you asked my sister to the ball yet?!?

Filtered to Stefan's Male Friends and Lexi

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So, stag night.  I was thinking the third weekend of May.  Since the girls are doing the second weekend.  And I know Lexi will insist on doing both.

So does that work for everyone?
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