War Is Coming Communications.

March 2nd, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


March 2nd, 2014

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Beacon Hills
I'm completely over being in this town. We should go somewhere.

No Lingering Evil

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Apparently ABC Family is showing all the Disney movies ever this weekend. I'm torn between sitting my daughter down for quality family entertainment and not letting her watch them at all if possible. I mean, she's only a year old now, but how do you explain real/not real to a toddler? People we call family and friends, or in some cases enemies, being portrayed in entirely other ways?

Or I'm overthinking this and should shut up and go to the park or something instead. We'll go sledding maybe, I don't know.

PS, Hook? Your perm and wax mustache companion will be joining the television crowd today.


Been about a year since our last vacation. Anyone interested in another?

Also, there are massive amounts of cookies in the kitchen. Please help yourselves, no Henry, you aren't eating them all.

text to connor

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>>need sun.
>>too cold.
>>ssorry i didnt say anything.

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i can stop eating these cookies any time i want to. i just dont want to yet.


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That's a lot of cookies, Peter.



Craving cookies just now?

Filtered against known threats.

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You know, Lois Lane, if I really wanted those cookies? They'd be mine.

No evil, or natives

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Flying might have been better without the cold. Doing the heating charms did help a little Oh well, maybe go again when it's more warm out. Though I've never been skiing before. Saw it on the TV, might see about trying that soon. Though I'd imagine it's not quite as easy as it looks. Might take a bit of practice before I get really good at it. I could just use magic to make it easy but I'd want to experiment normally first

[Friends both Lawrence and Hogwarts affiliated]
I've also made a decision. I'm going to throw out my family photo. If I can find out. Kinda forgot where I'd hidden it away. Umm, that one Lucifer had sent. An image of my family with me burnt out of it. It's tempting to look at it just to see them. But it's really best that I don't. Didn't deal quite well with it the last time I did. So.. yeah, it's going out as son as I locate it. Maybe the Seal will send me the real one next time, who knows. Or even better, a real person instead of just a picture

But hey, anyone not busy? We should have a snowball fight. Or maybe make some snowmen, and then maybe add a thing or to to them to make it unique? Ohhh, maybe put some color sweaters of the Hogwarts houses? Or something. Better than just staying inside Even though the blankets are really nice and don't feel like moving for a while more

No evil

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I'm thinking I might be needing to take a trip soon, when it's warmer. Maybe.. Chicago. Almost like home whenever I go there. But for now, I've gotten myself a new snowmobile. Figured I might try out a new hobby, and it is fun riding those around the yard. Fast, too. Though a hunt might be better, I could just I need to g

Doesn't fix the cage but even forgetting just a little for a time would be really Lots of open land, perfect for this I wish I could help fix my Cage friends, but how can I do that when helping myself is just as hard to do Anyone has a snowmobile or 4-wheeler, maybe we could have a race around my place. Or you can race your friends, or whatever. Plenty of snow and land to speed around on.

[Manor Filter]
Added some green and other St. Patrick's stuff around the house. Probably cliche but I felt like changing up the color a bit. And.. I might be taking a trip soon. Or later. I don't really know. I feel it to be a good idea to go sometime but maybe there's more stuff I can do to help in this town. I'd even bet that as soon as I took a trip, something crazy goes down. It had happened a couple times before.

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Kitty says hello, she hasn't come to see you guys in a while! She's still totes adorbs, thank you for asking!

Also, all this talk of cookies has made me want a cookie cake. I am ordering one.
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