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February 24th, 2014

February 24th, 2014

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Can I ask you a question? Sorta personal.

These things supposed to make me dizzy?

Peter V.

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What is this? What is she talking about?

Texts to Rosemarie

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»How're you?
»Do you need anything? Want anything?
»I think I'm gonna come by in a bit.
»With booze.
»Booze in place of killing annoying twats. It's a good plan.

Filtered from Evil and Sam

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Sam's stepped up his game. He's drinking blood.

I'm fine. More or less, packs a kriffing punch when he's

He got away, I could have stopped him but not without crossing lines I'm not willing to cross. 


You've officially lost your mind Winchester.

Why weaken yourself? Its all that blood does you know

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[Connor Temple]
I have been told that you're the person to talk to about IDs.  Would like to take some friends to Europe to get their minds off things.  But, we need passports.  Could you help?

I'm chasing up a lead for passports.

In the mean time, there appears to be a lunatic running around without a soul.  It's wrong, and he seems to have no compunctions about who he hurts.  Figured that you, me and Vex should be able to track and capture him no problem.  I may be bored, and looking for something to do while I chase up passports.

I have a plan, but need your help.  I'm worried that the lunatic that's running around without a soul and hurting people could end up hurting one of us, or one of the friends we've made here, if he's not stopped.  You, me and Dyson can stop him, easily.

I suspect it'll make the tiny human happy.


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do you need me today? i dont know if i want you to say yes or no th


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>>Are you busy today?


>>I'm supposed to go back and see the doctor tomorrow


>>Is it obtuse to think people can stop being narrow minded for five minutes?

Backdated to last night filtered to Team Find Becker.

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I found Becker. He's at [hospital name, location]

Thought you might want to know since you were working with him on this, Becker's been hurt.

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Let me the hell out of here


Seems you don't get to see the old Ruby. They got worried enough about the possibility that they panic roomed me.

Which I guess means I get you back either way.

Course you could get me out. Because I'm planning to take down the Originals, lock them down for good.

Tell me you don't find that just a little bit interesting

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Delivered to Kenzi )

filtered to cowley

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my doggy got killeded to


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Were you here... last June?

I've not been an amazing friend of late. I apologize. Are you doing all right?

Filtered to Death

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Is there a reason we can't explain to Sam what you can do?

He will do this if he knows. But right now people are being hurt needlessly.

Mikaelson family minus Henrik

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Ruby says she's going to do something to one of you in the future and I don't know how to talk her out of this.

No Evil

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It was starting to warm up! I was feeling it, we were right on the edge of spring. I had ModCloth up, I had a super cute sundress all picked out (and a very mature looking one, I must say!)...and then I saw the forecast for the week. WTF? Mother of god does this eternal winter ever end WHY AM I NOT HOME IN CALIFORNIA??

Okay, fess up. Who pissed off the Snow Queen this time?


Goodbye, beautiful sundress. Hello gigantic unflattering peacoat.
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