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February 15th, 2014

February 15th, 2014

Text to Jane

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>>are you busy today?

[ooc: on the morning of the 15th! sorry, i think he slept through valentines day D:]

Texts to John Watson

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>> Apparently I'm being swept off my feet
>> In typical Valentine's Day fashion
>> Since I sincerely doubt you have plans tonight
>> Mind watching Bo for a few hours for us?
>> Pretty sure she has a card for you, too

No evil or loyalists

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Just finished putting up the last of the decorations around the club. We're doing a Valentine's Day Bash. Anybody that wants to come is definitely more than welcome. I think we could all use some lighthearted fun.


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I'm sorry I didn't tell you. At the time, I only told Ruby, I couldn't deal with anything else. And then Ben disappeared, too...

I didn't realize you didn't know for this long. I'm sorry.



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I can't do this gorram city no more. Think I'm losin my mind. I try to leave it and ain't allowed. I can't get in the black I'm stuck. I'm just stuck. 一大坨大便

Still can't sleep much neither. Now what?

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Enjoying the Bahamas with Katerina. This is the view we are enjoying right now.

Cut so it doesn't stretch your friends list apart. )

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tosay was not a good fday. in fact, tihs month as a whloe kind of sucks. cna it juwst be march noow?

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[Texts to John]

>>Thanks for that
>>I'd had more than enough of being there

[Text to Lydia]

>>Thank you
>>Have a good night

[Text to Much]

>>Are you going to take Jane out for dinner?

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Natasha and I will be unavailable to speak for the immediate future. She's in labor!

Be gone lingering evil

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I think I want to go dancing tonight. Does anyone want to join me?


Is everything okay between you and Crowley now? He's not going to smite me for getting you wasted, is he?

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Valentine's Day used to be my favorite holiday. I have no idea when that changed.

No kids

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Fucking hangover. Fucking Valentine's.


Filtered to Kol and Anna

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[ooc: forward dated a few hours, but wanted this for the lulz! He has been at Bed of Roses for several hours!]

you two. you two with the making em feel feelings. ki wsa fine being an unfeelnig bastard tdemon and then kyou two hapnpeerd. and you're pretty and you're so fucking hot and shit, kol, when you bite mes, i see actual fuckijng star.s

you know whast? you know what should happen?

i udsed tvo have sex with you. adn i do have sex with you.

uoy two need to have asex with ceach othzer. because it would be so so hot. like, really hot. the answer to all problems is less clothes. so

yesr. you should shag each other.

can i wjatch? becausfe it would be like my peyrsonal ideabl porn.


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Sober now.

Think we can have the talk you were avoiding?
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