War Is Coming Communications.

February 6th, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


February 6th, 2014


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Harry, I'm really
I'm just
This isn't Hell.
This can't be Hell.

Where are you?


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So....we talked to the baby brother yesterday. Explained everything. Went...considerably well, actually.

[*Old Norse!]

So, you're all right with everything? I mean, I know it was a lot to take in and it's okay if it scares you at all. Just...you'd let us know if it did, right?

Not that it changes anything I've done or said recently but I think I owe you an apology.

You were right, for the record. Your whole honesty policy and everything.


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»Karaoke with Lois & people
»You wanna come with?

»What say you to watching people make fools of themselves performing random songs that prove why they are not selling out entire venues right now?

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[Niklaus, Kol, Rebekah]

That went remarkably well. Better than I ever dreamed. Thank you all for not being overly cruel when it came to Katerina. I appreciate it.

We should get him his own horse. He seems to love them so.


I'm especially glad for you. I know you were worried.


Keeping warm today, little brother?

Text to Rose

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>>I have a bit of news.
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