War Is Coming Communications.

February 4th, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


February 4th, 2014

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i dont think i want to try to read the bible anymore. i dont know what else to read though. is there anything good to read anymore?

Greaves House residents

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So, there was construction going on for another building here at Greaves House awhile back. Sort of got halted for Apocalytic things, but I'm getting it started up again next week. Any of you lot living here have any particular amenities you'd want around already offered?

[Harry L.]
Hey. How're things, mate?

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It looks like I'm gonna have to get used to being settled for a while.

Thanks for your welcome the other day Lois. Anyone know somewhere a bit more permanent than the inn or can we just stay there indefinitely? I'm a bit short on cash at the moment.

My name's Nathan Drake. Should I specify human? That seems like a thing too

Eta: [Florence]

Hi. Kon mentioned you're working on some permanent place for people here? Given I'd have a fairly big interest in that I'd like to help out if you need it.

Family this means you too Henrik

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*translated into Norse

I have a nice fire started in the fireplace, Henrik. Why don't you join Zeus
and I? We can work on your English and have brotherly bonding time.


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I'm tired of the bagged diet, Elijah.

I'm going out. Don't wait up for me.

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So, own up. Whoose scream can break past my senses?

Lydia M.

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[after this]

I know that scream.

Lydia, what's going on?

(ETA) [Stiles]
What's going on? Stiles...talk to me.

(ETA after this) [Allison A. & Lydia M.]
Stiles told me where he's staying... I talked him into letting me see him. I may try to get him to let me stay. Just...take care of each other, okay?


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This is me distracting you from whatever important SRS DOCTORY THINGS you're doing. Hi.

So if
What are your thoughts on
I've been thinking and I should probably

Is it safe to assume that you're not staying with me because of your irrational fondness for the apartment itself?

Text to Florence

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>>I've been placed.

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I stabbed Spike.

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For what purpose am I here? To sit and watch the glowing box while my friends and mission suffer?

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Mal Reynolds+Pretty Colored Drinks+Beach Chairs=... )



I have also talked him into dancing tonight. Clearly, he's been enjoying the drinks because I can't see sober!Mal agreeing to this. Shhh, it's between you and me, Lawrence. ;)

Meanwhile, wishing I was a little more bilingual. I think some little chica just tried to hit on Mal in Spanish. I don't know the translation to tell her he's not even awake right now. :D
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