War Is Coming Communications.

February 3rd, 2014

War Is Coming Communications.


February 3rd, 2014


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I have a question for you.


Scott mentioned about this vampire Kol. You really trust him?

no evil

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So, is it possible to go to high school here when you've been brought in by the Seal?

Filtered from bad people and small people. Not dwarves though if they showed up. I miss Grumpy. Kids

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I had a theory that shots would make me Lacey but they didn't which is good really as a thing because believe me no one wants to see that because she was entirely a harlot THANK YOU for that Regina what happened instead though was that they just made me really giggly and I have to think about where grammar goes.

Emma are they supposed to be blue.

There also should be commas in places where I think I have forgotten that they go


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So...how much did the drinking actually help things?

Hey, how's everything?

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Any sign of this storm letting up yet Ice Princess? The novelty has rather worn off. I personally could care less but Henrik is


What is it about this place that I've lost them all to love.

And why am I finding it so difficult to even talk to my own brother


Seems you had quite the revelation from my brother.

Oddly out of the three you're the only one I can generally tolerate but you know how this goes. Hurt him and it won't end pleasently.

Filtered from Lucifer Loyalists and Heaven

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Its quite some time since I was here, 2 years at least. But some of you I remember.

For those that don't my name is Anna. I'm...like Castiel. An Angel. And I know that's too little too late, and I know I wasn't here when you needed me. But if I could have been, I would have.

Heaven is just as cruel as hell and sometimes far more creative. I'd rather they not know just yet. That I'm here.

[Crowley and Rose]

My grace. I didn't know if I wanted it back, didn't know if it would make things worse.

I still don't know.

If nothing else I want it with me. Safe. So that if I need to make the choice I can

Caroline and Lydia

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So, I know we haven't really talked that much and that makes asking for a possible favor kind of awkward and weird, but...I'm sort of in some trouble and Lydia thinks that maybe you could help.

Filtered to Henrik (visible to the other brothers)

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Hello, Henrik.

[ooc: obviously, assume all in the appropriate Old Norse!]

no remaining evil and etc.

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Eh..lacking any inspiration for this contest. And now just annoyed and probably being mocked by my own camera now. Anyone want a random photoshoot or something?

I need something to get out of this funk or whatever it is. I'm not happy with any of the pictures I've taken already. Maybe new will help. I don't usually shoot people, so that'll be new?


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I don't know if you've met her, but uh, Caroline Forbes has agreed to try and shut the door with her vampire powers. I don't exactly know how it works, but she mentioned maybe talking to the person who'd tried. I didn't know how you'd feel about that, but I told her I'd talk to you. She doesn't know that it's you.

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Hi, I'm Caroline and Stiles said you'd talk to me about what you experienced when you tried to help him?

[Mystic Falls Vamps]

So I need a crash course in what we can do with and in dreams, please and thank you.

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Jesse, sweetheart, what is going on with your hair?

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I could get used to these beaches. Some girl keeps bringin me drinks of varyin colors. im on green level now.
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