War Is Coming Communications.

January 29th, 2014

January 29th, 2014


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[Peter V.] [after this voicemail]
»Hey, sorry I missed your call, mate though I sort of doubt you'd have been able to say it to me directly so
»It's all right, you know. Didn't do it for gain or anything, just, you're my friend, it's what friends do
»Aside from that...how're things on your end, mate?

»Hey, how're you doing, love?

[Filtered to Buffy]
Settling into the Apocalypse-diverted world any better, love?

Filtered to Ruby Winchester

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How's stuff? The Moose giving you any hassle?

I don't suppose you've got any time for your BFF to possibly flail at you, do you?

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I've read some crazy things in my time, hell I've seen them. But a biblical seal that sucks people from other worlds? That one's new.

Then there's the fact I was just in the Rubal Kh'ali desert and now I'm in a cemetery.

No lingering Lucifer Loyalists

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Ladies and gentlemen, my sexy wife.

Texts to Claire

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» sorry i callled me crazywhen you werent here to maek that face atme

[Text to Pretty]

» do you stil loveme aeven thogh i got lost inna bar in ew mecixco
» iiii imeant new but ew works tooo
» sorry im distrecnting you,. youre probably stil working orrr
» welll actualhy i thin k youre not because its late,,. shit
» sorry
» i was gonna sprise you with a thingn and then i got frekead out and then i got pissed off annd then i got drinks

Comm: [evilbitches canfuck off. alsllso no kids caus i said fuck]

mexicco sr > mexiico jr

forthe record

[ooc: Texts & comm post go out about three hours after narrative!time!]
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