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December 30th, 2013

December 30th, 2013

Beacon Hills

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Okay, so what if the reason Death can't get to Allisonthem is because they're less trapped between spiritual realms and more trapped between physical ones?

No Evil

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Anyone got a good cover story for a broken index finger? I have to drop off some editing in the morning and well its plan for the worst and hope nobody gets nosy.

I did consider letting one the vampires heal me as it was suggested but its like the idea is just a little too spooky. Plus its just a finger, I can suffer.

Don't Bother Evil

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Well its still too quiet at the manor but Andy is making it less lonely. Company is helping on a lot of levels.

Andy: I found the takeout menus so pizza, burgers or Chinese? And you really are good company.


Ed's still sleeping but every time I've gone to check on her the bottles of water/energy bars I leave are gone, that's good right?

As for me the ankle is still a mess but I'll deal.

Filtered from Evil

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I need to know whats being planned, whats being done to rescue those in hell.

Just because I don't show 
I miss
I love her more than


Thank you. For sparring, for all of it. You didn't have to

[Friends of Rose]

Can someone explain to me what she did? I know only what she told me which I don't quite understand. I know its the reason Harkness can't die

Is it her in the cage? Or is it this Bad Wolf? Which will we get back when we find them?

filtereed to Claire. C.

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Can you come by?

[Friends filter sans Bo]
I'm not going to let it get like before. Going to see Claire more regularly again.

Thank you. For not just giving up on me.

Where are you?

Filtered from Evil

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Believe it or not I understand this pressing need you have to save your friends. I even used to have friends before they betrayed me.

But to get everyone to agree, now that would be something.

What happens when you don't? Such arguments are usually solved by battles to the death. I'd be happy to adjudicate

No Evil/Kids under 12

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So I've got another question. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, every other damn thing we've had here. People are gonna eventually turn up looking for answers.

Do we have any? 

I wondered was it maybe something those of us who can't help with the rescue can do. Because I personally have no wish for angry military evacuating the civillians and locking us all in camps or whatever.

You can call me paranoid, people generally did back home, but its a concern. 


How's Watson doing?

More to the point, how are you?


I'm making a soda float. Want in? I have cola, lemon lime and root beer

No evil

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That was rather strange.

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bokstavene er i ulike steder
hvordan er denne boksen ment å hjelpe meg å finne folk?
Finn? Elias? niklaus? kol? Rebekkah?
Jeg liker ikke dette eventyret*

which translates toooo )


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How's securing the new desk coming, darling?

You'll probably read back, so just...remember Nik is an arse, but we love him anyway.

I'm sorry, Beks.

How're things?

You okay?

no evil

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Guys, I'm in the cemetery with a little boy. He's injured. I stopped his bleeding, but he needs further attention and he doesn't speak English.

And also, I'm alive.

Edit: Filtered against evil

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The last time I woke up in a strange place, it certainly wasn't a cemetery. I would appreciate it if someone would please explain to me how I came to be here.

Edit: Filtered from evil

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How can this be Earth? Rem said it was destroyed and that's why they had to leave on ships...


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People have come back from the dead. I have Bailey's to celebrate. I would have offered Bailey's anyway, but

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Y'all are inviting a world of hurt, kidnapping me like this, sending me to some creepy ass cemetery with a bunch of weirdos. And I swear, someone is gonna pay and pay hard. Question now is, who's gonna help me and who's gonna get in my way?
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