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November 30th, 2013

November 30th, 2013

Filtered against evil and Lord Harry

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Anyone seen my dad Angel around or talked to him recently? I can't seem to reach him. At all. I know phones weren't always his thing but he would at least have picked it up once by now Wanted to see about some more talking or sparring Instinct tells me he's been sent back. But I'd rather be sure. Other option is that maybe he was on a hunt but there haven't been any assigned lately as far as I know. And he hasn't been part of any rescues, and I know it isn't camp since he already went to th

Just.. if anyone happens to see him, let me know? Starting to lean toward "Seal sent him back" reasoning, though. In which case I will need drinks. Or maybe go hit the bag at a gym for a while, or make another weapon device enhancement. Or something, whatever can get my mind off this. This is, what, the second, third time he came and went via Seal? Or fourth time? I've stopped counting.

No evil, Lucifer, or Lord Harry

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Really wish my son was around for that dinner Spent a night rechecking and cleaning the guns, doing inventory Now that was some good food, nicely prepared and organized. May we have many more. And we will, because we have to win, we just have t I'm going to go over to the shooting range later this afternoon, get some practice in. Would anyone else like to go along? I'd be heading out at around one or two o'clock.

No evil

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Greetings from Rome!

Does anyone want anything?

And I was thinking maybe next weekend we could do another laser tag game. Because the devil doesn't get to make us paranoid forever and we deserve some fun.

Who's in?

No Evil

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Okay, I really hate this term, but can I play devil's advocate for a second? I know a lot of us have really crappy futures to return to, but what if we don't? What if going home will reunite us with friends and family we really miss here? I mean, I have a good life here. I have great friends I love who I wouldn't have met otherwise. But the only person here from my world hates my guts and every day I miss my friends and my crew and my ship. Eventually I want to go home. I know I can't be the only one. So what are we supposed to do? Leave Lucifer free so everyone else can stay and start praying the seal takes us back? Put him back in his cage and hope those that want to stay can stay and those that want to go home can leave? I don't want to start a fight but I'm just curious.

Nope, No to Evil

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You know what, fuck Lucifer.


They discovered a new dinosaur. Not a tiny little plant eater. AN ENTIRE HUGE CARNIVOROUS DINOSAUR.

I miss digging. Like...desperately. Helped me clear my head and now

no evil

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is it true?

if we make the devil go away we all leave?

but then what happens to my baby sister? does she get left behind with no one to love her?

cause that's not fair

No Evil

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For those that knew Anna, I think she's gone.

Filtered to all natives of this world (sans Lucifer)

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I require a list of the seals and the rituals that were required to break them. Specifically the thirtieth.

Additionally, was it only sixty-six that were broken, in total? And were they required to be a specific set, or at random from the other six hundred of them?

I need as much detail as possible.


It seems I may have some questions which would best be asked of you directly, when you are feeling up to serious discussions.

No evil/Lord Harry

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I've tried to understand the Black Friday attitude, but I think I'm still failing at that. I mean, I get wanting a bargain, I'm a fan of the finer things in life myself, but doesn't it kind of contradict the meaning of Thanksgiving? Thursday being thankful for what we have, Friday causing mass chaos to get more things.

I remember a time before such rampant commercialism.

Then again I also remember a time before Thanksgiving, so that could be a factor.

[Filtered away from Winchesters/those closely associated (eg Bobby/Jules)]

So, Lucifer made me wonder.

Does anyone think maybe he has a point? That maybe the Winchesters have been lying to us all? Or at the very least not being entirely open. They don't exactly have much to lose if defeating the devil sends us all back home, but the rest of us sure as hell do.

[Filtered to Stefan Salvatore]

We survived Thanksgiving, no one was horribly slaughtered at the dinner table and we rescued Kol's demon boytoy from Lucifer.

This means we definitely deserve a vacation, just you and me. Where do you want to go? Anywhere in the world, pick a place.

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[Emailed to Caroline at about 3:30am]
List of about two dozen various religious and historical texts [that may or may not pertain to the Apocalypse], and a number of address in Rome and the surrounding areas where they can be found.

Scott McCall

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I don't want to go home. I know that sounds… Wrong, or something. I miss my dad but if we all go home we won't even remember this. You and I won't be together. We'll have to deal with the darkness around our hearts. I don't even like thinking about it. And yet I'm going to be the good little soldier and help lock Lucifer up. What's wrong with me? No matter what I do I'm going to hate doing it for one reason or another.
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