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September 24th, 2013

September 24th, 2013

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So I'm in need of some very girly get pampered time in the form of like a massage and probably a mani and a pedi. Wanna go with me?


Are you feeling any better today?


This is my neurotic check in post to make sure you're as okay as you can be in an Apocalypse?

Filtered against Evil

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Bloody hell not this mess again
Suppose it beats the Angels though...

Right. Back again. Has anyone seen a red head running about no doubt threatening the Seal in a very Scottish manner? By which I mean violence of course I'm also looking for an archaeologist running about who can make a Dalek beg for mercy. Or a blue box that's bigger on the inside with a strange man who loves bowties and ridiculous hats?

Filtered against evil.

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Now that I'm past that panic att

I was told by a very rude young man when I asked exactly how it is that I ended up in Kansas after being in Palm Springs moments before that this site would answer that question and all others for me; so would someone kindly explain how I got here and why the numbers I have aren't working? And why is Hopper acting nerv

ETA: No Evil

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Oh…oh dear. Can anyone be so kind as to help me? I need to get back to Andalasia and Prince Edward. You see, I’m getting married today. I went to make a wish at a magic wishing well. I must have leaned over too far, for you see I ended up here!

(ETA) Filtered against evil

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Does someone want to tell me what the bloody hell is going on? That'd be fuckin' great right about now since this bloody computer, which is far nicer than any I've ever seen, is tellin' me it's 2013! It bloody well was not the last I was aware! It was 1980! And I wasn't in bloody Kansas, either! And I wasn't in coffee shop.

I was in my house. At night. Facing down a bloody demonic thing and keeping it away from my son and I don't really think it'd have let me live
No, Olivia, the people will already think you mental for thinking you're time traveling, let's not add to that by blathering on about bloody monsters of death

So, some explaining would be brilliant. Someone. Anyone.

Also, a doctor. There's some...wounds...that need tending.

(ETA) No evil allowed

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Um...hello? I...don't know where I am or what's going on. Can someone help? Mercy? Daddy? Somebody, please...

No Evil

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Twice inside a month, that should be some sort of record.

Because I should be in New York City and not in Kansas, I can't reach anyone in my cell list (especially dad, Grams and Kate) and well I'm officially getting nervous just sitting in a Starbucks.

The barista thinks my car broke down and I'm waiting on a tow truck.

ETA: Armand is on the way for me and gave me the short version of things. But more info please?

friends filter

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why would it send her here now?
I cant.... everything that's... that I
how am i supposed to face her?

Texts To Oswin

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>> Okay, because I am stubborn, I'm going to text you once a day until you answer me. Just once. No more than that. And I'll do it every day until you answer.
>> You don't have to tell me what the note said. Ever. But I just want to make sure you're okay and you know you're not alone.
>> So this is the text for today. I'll try again tomorrow if I don't get a response. Take care of yourself in the meantime.


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So, I probably should apologize for threatening to legit kidnap you.

I did warn you I suck at this, didn't I?


Thanks for the other night. I know it wasn't a super convenient time.

How's Cap?

Properly aligned Demons

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Are we all still having fun?

Texts to Emma Swan

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» Not caught up to him yet, but still looking.
» Any news from your end?
» How's Neal?
» Belle keeps bringing me tea.
» And food. She's very persistent.

No evil + No Henry

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So. My hounds are out looking for the kid. Might take them a while though, they're hell hounds, for them the demon scent would mostly drown out the Henry scent. If we knew which demon it was, that might help.

Yes, I'm helping. No one say anything.

In other news, there's rumblings. In the Pit. Guess what, our favorite Jim might be making noises. I'll try to find out more.

P.S When he makes it topside, murder him, murder him thoroughly. All the murdering.

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Who: Sherlock; demon!
When: Tonight!
Where: Just outside a convenience store.
Rating: Not high?

This is a placeholder. THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE UNDER IT YET. )

Lucifer's gifts to the displaced - ROUND THREE!

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Anonymous deliveries to: Much, John Mitchell, Belle French, Alan MacKenzie Frazier, Radical Edward, Kenzi, Cassie Sandsmark, Clint Romanoff, Charlie McGee, & Raven. )

No Evil and Company

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He can't be dead....

The jacket is covered in blood and beyond wrecked....

The Red Dragons went down in flames....

But those mushrooms.... I was only 12 and a kid.....


Come over as soon as possible? I know I told you about my time on the Bebop and that jacket is a sign Spike really is dead. All I had was rumors for years and its like a part of the past is gone.

(ooc: be kind, Ed's having a massive meltdown thanks to Spike's jacket. Anyone on or near her apartment would have heard the scream or smelled the mushrooms.)

Filtered against evil

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In case anyone wished to know, drinking approximately sixteen servings of tea in under three hours is not recommended. Doing so for more than three days consistently, even less so.

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It's happening again. He's coming.

no evil

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oh god oh god oh god oh god

Conner Kon? You're okay, right? Or was it from my Conne

You haven't seen Donna, have you!? She's not here, right, she's never been here?

Filtered against evil

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Cute. No really. A flying monkey dressed up as me. Hilarious.

No Evil, No Edward

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I am not sure how to help Edward. I am not good at doing that with anyone, let alone someone I care about. Any advice would be helpful.


Leave her alone. She doesn't deserve this torment.

anti evil filter

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so much blood on my hands I shouldnt be here

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[ooc: Unfiltered on the off chance that Lucifer might see.

Oh, and complex residents, you might hear Andy and Charlie's smoke detector going off briefly.]

He hasn't seen fire 'til he's seen me.


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Do you ever wonder sometimes if maybe he really won't make it? That his nature will just take over and you won't be able to pull him back from it?

How are you holding up, love? What with the doom and gloom going on lately and all.

No Evil.

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I found Henry.

I'm taking him to the medbay. He's got some bruises and maybe a broken leg, but with time he should be fine. Physically.

no evil

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I'm getting to the medbay right now. I need a doctor. There's a woman and she's lost blood.

She's going to be okay.

Filtered to Snow

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Are you
I know you're out looking but
I could really use my mom
I miss my baby
How do I


Filtered against evil/Lucifer/Death/Henry

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Lucifer sent me a note. It basically said zombies were coming.

I don't know if he was just screwing with me, or if he gave me information thinking I would be too freaked to say anything. Which I was, which is why this is now and now th Either way, just... I don't know, we should be ready for it. If that's even possi

Been nice knowing you. Well some of you. A few of you. not that i want any of you to have to
Good luck? i don't

Just thought I should probably pass that along. So yeah.
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