War Is Coming Communications.

August 2nd, 2013

War Is Coming Communications.


August 2nd, 2013

Filtered from Evil

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How does one...feed around here? I'm hungry but I've never liked feeding off humans. Are there blood bags available?

[House of Misfits]

Hello. I'm Rose. Elena has invited me to live with you all and I just wanted to introduce myself.

No Evil

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Now that I've basically spent the last 3 days asleep its time to make a few plans.

1. Since I'm going back to school part time I need a cover story to explain not being from the area. Only thing I can think of is family crisis out of state but it is believable? Also need to decide on a couple of classes: current plan is one required class and one fun class.

2. Facing the demons like a grown up. I looked up a few things online and well I have my theories brewing if that makes sense?

3. Eventually not drinking to drown the pain, work in progress.

Delivery to the Hogwarts house

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On the morning of July 31st, left at the door of the Hogwarts house, addressed to Harry Potter )

Filtered against Lucifer (added by John)

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Mr Whatson showed me how to use the phone to say hello

My name is Bow and I need to see my dad and uncle and brother because there were aliens

(ooc: voice post makes fun mistakes, she knows how to spell her name, for reals)


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Are we still on for bowling this weekend? I mean it was sort of really just an excuse to see you anyway


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You had better still be alive, dear.


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Do you remember that thing we talked about? Over Cheeze-Its?

Something happened.

I don’t think I can ignore it anymore.

And I didn't want you to accidentally find out from anyone else.

No Evil

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I'm bored.

Do you think you could show me how security cameras work?

Has growing older made you quiet?

No evil

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Sniper recertification passed.
It's been a long day. I think I need to be among the living
right, whatever

I really hate L.A. And now I get sent there on assignment. That is how my week has been.
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