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March 18th, 2013

March 18th, 2013

Filtered to Emma

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You should know that Bae is here. I think he might be from a time before he met you, but it is him.

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[OOC: So on Saturday morning (yes, Saturday, it's been a long weekend) Henry would've woken up to breakfast of these pancakes. There'd have been a stack of presents next to it, including some books he wanted, some books he didn't ask for but she thought he'd like, some gift cards to fun places, spending money for Florida, and a Nintendo DSi for the trip.

Then he also found this letter )

Filtered Against Evil, though why should they be exempt from this terrible movie?

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Oh dear god, I just found Twitlight on two different channels. WHAT THE HELL?

You know what this calls for?


Including such hits as:
* Take one drink ever time a vampire myth is ruined- for example: no fangs, hangs out in the daylight etc.

* Take one drink every time Bella tells Edward that she trusts him.


* Take two drinks every time Edward insults Bella.

So when you think YOUR relationship is dysfunctional, watch this movie, get supremely drunk, and feel much better!

No evil no kids

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Hangover cures. Go.

And I swear to god boyfriend of mine. If you do not learn to type softer you're on the couch for a week. Or more, Mr. Chuckles.

No evil

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Muchhh you didn't not burn down the apartment. Whcih is good.

But this is your doinf. I blaem you for this.

filtered against evil (no mathletes for evil!)

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I had this conversation about eight times at school today:

Me: Are you coming to my thing on Friday?
Friend at school: I didn't know there was a basketball game for you to cheer at Friday! Who are we playing?
Me: No, my other thing, my Mathletes-thing. I'm on Mathletes. We're having a competition in the gym--
Friend: [Exit stage left at rapid pace]

So if you are in any way affiliated with the high school, or if you just enjoy math, you should break this disturbing and inexplicable trend and go watch Mathletes on Friday at 5:30 in the gym. It's fun! There's a lightning round! Which alarmed me the first time I heard the term but then I remembered most people are not capable of producing actual lightning so they just meant Kon's going! (Yes you are Kon)If you have a high school thing you want spectators at I will definitely go to yours because that seems fair!

In other news I apologize for the downstairs kitchen. I was trying to make brownies for after the event. I will fix the window.


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Are you doing anything tonight?

filtered from evil

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My tongue is still green from last night.

Filtered against Lucifer.

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Video under cut! )

All right, this bloke playing me? He knows what it's all about.

Hermione? You probably don't want to watch this. Sorry.

[ooc: If you care about being spoiled for the A Very Potter Senior Year, don't watch this. In other news: this is the song I've always needed in my life and didn't even know I needed it!]

Filtered to Robin

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The 25th of May.
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