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March 10th, 2013

March 10th, 2013

no goddamn evil of any kind

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I take it since I'm no longer
Maleficent is lucky that she is
Seeing my mother of all

Let's forget any of that ever happened and carry on like normal.

filtered to Peter V.

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How are you holding up, Peter? Do you need anything? I'm so sorry about that curse.

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Left in the medbay late last night! )


I hear someone was a badass...



Just kidding. Hi. Look, words!

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[No evil]
Those girls she took. Emily and Grace
Are they
No one said if
Maybe they're still filtering me out

Could you check to see if they're really gone? The spells she put on me? Please? I don't know what all she did. I don't want to take any chances.

wolf Ruby

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I wanted to thank you for helping out with my curse. I'm sorry I kind of roughed you up when I was a wolf.

No evil

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Can we never do that again? I never, ever, for any reason whatsoever want to do that again. Ever. At all. Even for a second.

Is everyone okay? Everything's all reversed now, right? No left over residuals? Excuse me while I go drink myself into oblivion now.

Thanks for everything. Don't know where I'd have been if it wasn't for you. And I'm sorry if I was harsh before. But it's still a thing for me. I'll try though. You're not a bad guy. You proved that, anyway. Maybe I can get around the rest of it.

Thanks for the idea with the matches and stuff. It helped. Sort of.

[Peter V.]
Hey so I know
How about we don't let this
Can we just pretend that


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i cannot come retrieve you. iam verry sory. if you need a reference poitn for where you are , it is at [address]

[ooc: assume this was last night sometime!]

Filtered Against Evil

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I just want to say thanks to everyone that was involved in taking down the Disney villain Maleficent. I'm sure we're all grateful.

On a lighter note, I'm really not sure about this actress that plays me...

I'm really not sure what to make of her. I think she might be a little crazy.


You should remind me not to look up myself or Emma Stone on the internet ever again. I found cute things, but a lot of insane and crazy things too.

texts to dick

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>>sorry I postponed but you know why I had to
>>think you can use your medbay connection to get some first aide things to [location]?

[pretend this is around the time maleficent died and spells were broken]

No evil

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Oh good, I'm not falling apart any more. Well done.

Rose and Elena, thank you for the support. You didn't have to say anything. Thank you for checking up on me. For the kind words. thank you for the support. And Elena, we should talk soon.

Jacen, thank you. You know what for.

Right, I'm going to just put myself in a healing trance, if no one could wake me for at least 24 hours, I would be so very thankful.

[ooc: and she really won't be replying to anyone until tomorrow! Must make myself not reply to anything until then!]

no evil

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yeah okay no more fruit for a while. sorry to worry anyone. Home now and free of hospital jello.

No evil

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Told you my pups were the best.


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[Filtered to Andy]

About what we talked about when
The timing was really bad, I'm sorry
You could never be just a replacement, not in any way to anyone

Guessing you're able to see again, hmm?

[Filtered to Svetlana]

Thank you.

Texts to Lydia

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» If you're able to snark at people on the internet does this mean you're up for some muffins and tea as well?
» And company too
» As in me
» With the tea and muffins. Or it could be cookies. Or cupcakes.
» Whatever you want me to bake.


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Where are you?

[ooc: pretend this was sent like early this morning on sunday?]

Filtered against evil

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I have seen a lot of If anyone is blaming themselves for anything that happened whilst she was here, try and remember that you had no control over the curses she placed on you. And that no one else is blaming you for even a moment.

She is gone now, and so is the power she held over you and this place.


Drunk yet?

filtered against evil

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papa do you know how long i have to stay in the medbay?

also i'm sorry i couldn't take better care of emily. is she okay now ms ruby and mr sam?

Filtered to Rose

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I am sorry I was quiet during...all that. I did not enjoy being him.

I did not fight as well as I would usually, it was odd. Unpleasant.

But its done now, yes?

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That is what you call leadership?

You all right now?

I duno what to say to
are you
you aren't are you

No evil

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Few things more disconcerting than waking up and realising you've lost a couple of days. What did I miss?

[Filtered to Connor and Abby]

If you two aren't alright, I'm shooting something. A lot.

[Filtered to Jack Harkness]

I'm not entirely sure if I should be thanking you, apologising to you, or both right now. I'm going to go with both. So thank you and I'm sorry.

No evil

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So. Dragon slaying. That was new.

[Filtered to Hal]

God, the blood. It was right there and I could smell it everywhere. Tell me it was driving you just as crazy.

[Filtered to Lydia]

You're okay now, right? Tell me the curse lifted when she died, please.

[Filtered to Katherine]

You okay? Is there still any sign of that Klaus guy?
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