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December 19th, 2012

December 19th, 2012

evil sucks go away

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These ball things are fucking stupid.

Filtered against evil/Katherine/who or what else are we filtering against these days guys?

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Aaaand she's back to the Land of the Functioning. Sorry, Seal wibble makes my head all screwy. Needed a few days to readjust. But I'm here now!

Myka? The staring was weird. But also comforting in a weird way. But you can stop now. Steve? Cuddles are still totes welcome.

Connor, Abby, you guys work on picking a wedding season. Also, Connor? Gimme another couple days and I'll be begging for my job back. But not just yet. Almost, though.

Lois, where are you on the engagement party plans?

Peter, Andrew? Thanks for letting me crash on your couch my first night back.

Elena, things. You mentioned things. We should figure out what things. And do things.

Thank you...for making me smile yesterday when I felt so shitty.

[Peter V.]
Thank you for talking me down last night. I... you're amazing.

Maybe we could
I think I need to
I know you'll understand more than
How do I
Nope, not yet

No Evil, no Katherine

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Okay, so this remember lost loved ones thing. Looks like everyone's kind of agreed some kind of a dinner should be part of it. And John suggested we try doing some candle-boats like these ones.

So, what I was thinking we could do, is head over to one of the lakes nearby. Everyone will get a boat with a candle and a paper shade, and you can write messages or something on the shade to the people you're missing. Or just a name, or something. Anything you want. And then we can set the boats off into the water at sundown.

And I did some digging, we should be okay to do this at one of the park areas. Only thing is, we can't leave the boats. We need someone who knows how to use a rowboat or something to go out and collect them before we leave.

So. Does that sound good to everyone? Any suggestions or anything would be welcome.

Oh! right, before I forget, date! Would Saturday the 29th work for everyone? Or should we try for another day?

Hey, honey, you aren't avoiding me, are you? Feels like forever since I last saw you! :( And don't you owe me some hugs?

Filtered to the Whoverse

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Not that I think any of you would go into my room on the TARDIS, but I advise entering it with caution until I return. Considering my bauble disappeared, I'm fairly certain there is a shiny new arsenal of guns awaiting me there.

No Jack, you can't touch them. Not without me there.

Filtered against evil

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...this thing doesn't actually grant wishes, right? It's just a trick...don't trust it, right?

Team NCIS!

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Okay Christmas Eve, we are all watching It's a Wonderful Life because it's tradition. Don't worry Tony, I can get a copy of it if you can't. And you'd better make your traditional drink to accompany it!

Text to Dick!

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Spoilers for the Gossip Girl finale in case anyone watches. >____________> )

No evil!

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So when that bauble thingy sang I asked if it could fix my dad's shield and it did! It's as good as new!


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I think we should talk. When you get a second. I mean, no rush or anything if you're busy or something. Not that I have any idea what you'd be busy with since you only got here a few weeks go bu Just whenever you have a minute.

No evil or something

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Why did this sparkly thing sing at me? It's weird....

Filtered to Bruce Banner

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I...wished for something. And I...need your help to confirm it...worked.

no evil

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I don't know what to wish for. I guess I'll just think about it longer. Last year I got Krypto, but this year I dunno. I don't really need anything I guess. Maybe the worlds best pizza on demand?

Filtered against evil and Storybrooke

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Does anyone have a wish to spare? There's one that desperately needs granting.

I don't deserve you to come, but I dearly need my sister right now.

Filtered against evil (don't be smug now, Pip)

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Guess who doesn't explode in the sun any more?

Filtered to Xander and Paco

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Okay, I'm gonna need you guys to meet me at [address] today. Seriously. I'll be here all day, so don't worry about taking a little while. And if you don't see me? Then text me. I need to show you something.

Angel Investigations

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What do you guys think about re-organizing a bit? I keep thinking about how unprepared we all were during that big round of demon attacks a few weeks ago. I feel like we should be finding better ways to use our time and skills to help out more around here.

I wanted to know what you guys think of re-organizing as a sort of teaching center for the people that show up here? I mean, there's the hunter camp already, but that's not held that often and not everyone goes. This would be more local. I'm not saying replace the hunter's camp, because Bobby is the best there is for that anyways. But we can cover the basics. What the general situation with Lucifer is, how to recognize a possessed person, the most basic defenses, that sort of thing. Enough to keep non-fighters alive. We can still keep on with the patrols and hunts as well, I'm just trying to think of more ways we can get involved.

Filtered against evil

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So.. this is the singing wish bauble thing I had heard so much about. I'm still trying to think of what I'd wish for. Have to be careful, make it good Could wish to be awesome and good looking but I got that already haha Better magic. Ehh, too vague. Something specific Maybe a wand that is sturdy and never break

Already made a couple wishes but they didn't work. So, I guess making a wish about maybe the Dark Lord never existing, or maybe that Dumbledore never visited him in the orphanage might be out. Kinda curious what would happen. Lot of people would be still alive, for one

Hmm.. home. Maybe wish for my family manor? There's an idea. But not completely certain of it, I do like the place I already live at now. But I suppose it might be nice to have the family estate just in case. Just something familiar to have, to see.

filtered against evil

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Best. Wish. Ever.

Texts to Dick

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>>I'm beginning to think I'm going to die from influx of drama
>>So if I do
>>Sorry. It wasn't planned.

no evil

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Bah humbug. If anyone needs me I'll be filing some not so Christmasy paper work.

Camp also won't be held again until the weather warms up a bit for those wondering. won't be held again until Bobby gets back from his break.

No Evil Blah Blah Blah

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Okay. So. It might be kinda possible that this might not be a hallucination, I get that now. Because no matter how hard I try I can't get my adderall to show up and I'm going to start driving people insane if I don't get it soon because I'm pretty sure that my last dose is flushed out of my system entirely by now and do you really want me to just start running around, pounding on your door, and showing you how awesome telekinesis is? No? That's what I thought. So hey. Anyone that can help me get some?

Ziva, Rose, and Sam!

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How do you feel about scotch on the rocks and a lot of them.

Anti-evil and shit

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Okay so in the grand scheme of "you have one wish" scenarios, maybe a song-predicting iPod wasn't the best wish possible. But it IS kind of cool because even if I don't know what the song is called, it still plays it.

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[Filtered to Avenger Warehouse residents, Tony Stark, Janet van Dyne, Felicia Hardy, Loki, Darcy Lewis, Peter Parker, Spike, Emma, Snow, Kevin Masterson, Emma Swan, Snow]

Don't forget this Friday is the Christmas party at the warehouse! It should be fun had by all!

Planning going well? Need any help or am I being stupid for asking such a thing of a Hardy?

Filtered against evil

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I hate the holidays

I hear Bangalore is nice this time of year. I think I'll be going there for the holiday.

Filtered against evil

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I'm not really sure what to do with this bauble... I don't exactly deserve it.

You any more up to talking today than you were the other night? Or would you rather just go for drinks and have a littlle fun instead?

Are you all right? You've seemed...off since yesterday. Did that bauble wish cause you issues?
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